Month: March 2023


The Haunted Elevator

by Pratik Mainali The elevator on my work building was always a bit odd. Sometimes it would shake and rattle, and other times it would stop between floors for no apparent reason. But it wasn’t until last week that I realized just how haunted it was. I work on the 13th […]



Why are you afraid of death? Why are you afraid of death? When you have to die for some good work.                                          Why are you afraid of losing your name? Why […]


No Dogmas No Division

Into the light, Listen to the unearthly grins! Behold the enervated greens! Wits are applauding grandma’s recipes, Press is pressing ideas of fallacies, Tomorrow seems trader’s brothel, Is there still life in any wondrous heritage? Could there ever be a Free State? With synthesis of philosophy – both West and […]



Land of holy places, I am the land that always aces. A new nation is established, From where my families and friends were separated. A folklore that is still remembered, A voice that has never surrendered. I am the Golden Temple, Who serves food and shelter to every gender. I am […]


The Deprived Child

One day I noticed a boy Must be seven or eight But the childish glow Conspicuously Absent from the tanned face Except for his little number of years He looked more like a grown-up man by visage Surely he didn’t know what childhood means I couldn’t resist coming close to […]


Rewriting Roald Dahl for Inclusivity

by Rohan Banerjee  In the early 19th century, Thomas Bowdler, an English doctor, and his sister Henrietta, began work on a book that was meant to bring the magic of William Shakespeare to the hearth and homes of the common English folk. Unfortunately, although he was an avowed fan of the Bard, […]