Month: June 2023


जब तुम आओगी..

शाम ढले जब तुम आओगी, कहनी है बातें कई सुननी है, तुमसे नई, बरसो ताकती आंखों में ख्वाब बन, तुम बस पाओगी। चांद की छतरी तले, महकती हवाओं के हिंडोले, थाम हाथ मेरा, जन्मों के साथ की टूटे तारे से मन्नत मांग पाओगी। वो पायल वो झुमका, संभाल के रखा […]


Turdi (Sprinting) Bus

by Prem Nath Dhar & translated from Kashmiri into English by Dr.Shiben Krishen Raina While in Pathankot, the scorching sun, filtered through the light clouds, was bothering the weary travelers heading to Kashmir. Their eyes were tired from the journey, and the surroundings made them even more disheartened. Only Biswas […]


Dying Humanity

Everything seems scary, Sunk in solitary… People stranded to death, Humanity taking its final breath…                                Hoping to seek more love I end up in a dark cove… Waiting for a wave, To wash the agony away… […]


My Dream Earth!

Planting trees, green-green everywhere, Wonder of nature, love and care, Availability of sources, relation with nature, Humanity in earth, friendship with creature, Clean-clean water, air, peace all around, Music in everywhere, everyside birds sound, Bound like family here, making happy world, Living together here, workship of lord, Heaven on earth, […]


Election Time in Bengal

A leader has come to grace the town Poles, bars are tied with party flags People wear a festive look, Hymns fill the air of tea shops, bazaars, malls                                           […]


Quest for Peace

Human existence needs cooperation, not confrontation in stable bilateral relations Unlock and evolve novel confidence-building measures to ease mounting tensions Morality stronger than money to curb senseless war that changes the world map Mindful movements to global connectivity as destruction not a feather in the cap         […]



Father, in a fervent passion, I had put vermilion on her parted hair, two days before yesterday.                                 It felt silly later on, to be honest,                     […]