Month: January 2018



Wordsworth said, “Child is father of the man” But this child has now disappeared into ‘the man’ Robbed of innocence his childhood curtailed The worldly shadows that round him prevail Makes the heavenly- halo round him derail Coleridge and his Ancient Mariner Fear no more the wrath of God Just […]


Bygone Times

The wind is howling in an empty place cold and strange like eyes that stare into a glass covered by dust of bygone times. A room might be there in that desert-home, filled with thoughts we once loved, filled with visions and memories and all things that once were precious […]



We are all broken, crumbled rounded again made from the same clay caked and baked in the same unforgiving oven We all have cracks in us from where the light gets in frayed at the border pulling apart at the seams Peeling off and breaking down into pieces in all […]


A Myth

A Myth In the modern times, When   chivalry is dead Men have totally lost The earlier charm they had I’ve become a feminist, Quite capable and brave Not frail nor romantic But somber and grave When I was a little lass I read some fairy tales About beautiful rivers Flowing from hills to vales Stories of romance, in Magical moonlit nights, Between charming girls and Shining armoured knights Hero would come and rescue A fair maiden in […]


A Winter Day

Day after day the temperature dipped low Freezing cold it became Chilling the arteries and the veins! The morning melody could no longer be heard An uneasy lull shrouded the Earth The twittering birds to warmer habitat took off The nimble animals too succumbed to quiescent The barren trees like […]


You and I

You and I in this world, Chained by heart to heart; By secret that can’t be kept in secret, We spreading out our love; In this dreaming life, You and I in this world. You and I in this world, Keeping ours by soul to soul; By secret that can’t […]


When Ridiculous Becomes Unacceptable

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal It’s okay to protest for a grievance, it’s commendable to protest peacefully for a grievance but its utmost stupidity to protest for a grievance that simply doesn’t exist. The whole issue around Padmavat or Padmavati was nonsense to begin with; it was a popularity trap […]


The Harm of Mental Health Stigma

By Mark Antony Rossi I’ve been attracted to the notion of therapy for Military Members ever since I learned my grandfather suffered from shell shock years after WWII. Shell shock is what they used to call post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He ultimately left his home one cold winter night […]