Month: May 2017


Earth Mystery Song

The Earth Mystery is revealed in our union with the world, in the communication of each cell of our body with the earth, with the whole planet and with the sun, with the solar system, with the cosmic all. The Earth Mystery is revealed in the union of our souls, […]



How  do  I  pursue  the  path  of  truth When  many  more  around  me Hold  a  differing  point  of  view And  warning  eyes  surround  me I  know  how  they  burnt  Copernicus Alive,  for  what  he  used  to  think I  know  how  genius  Socrates  had Hemlock,  he  was  made to  drink. Galileo  […]


Bharathiyar’s “Victory Drum”

By N. V Subbaraman from Chennai The great national poet Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar had unbounded patriotism, love for the languages-he was a master of eighteen languages it is said and believed- love for the people and their tradition and culture, infectious ‘optimism’ and fearlessness. In this issue, we see his […]


Genuine Suicide Prevention

By Mark Antony Rossi The announcement of another suicide adds heavily to a continuing sad social state of affairs. Its destructive impact is multi-level and staggers through lives three-fold. The first impact is the untimely loss of a human life. More tragic than most deaths since incomprehensible forces play a role […]


The Diamonds!

Army, Navy, Air force, the diamonds of a country Face unparalleled austerities of life. Altruistically they stand like a colossal wall Guarding and defending their country Caring neither for their life nor – Their beloved family Gallantly they fight for their Motherland! For our comfort they lay down their life […]


What’s App, Grandma?

By Hema Ravi Whenever I text “what’s up?’ at once pops up Ammamma’s reply.  “Fine.” “How was your day at college?”  And believe me, ever since she learnt to text messages a month ago, she’s become so tech-savvy, that we are unable to keep pace with her. Pradeep, my elder […]