Month: April 2020


Planet Earth Is Reposing

I have eyes… you did not see You were never aware of my well- being I am tired, sick and ailing You have defiled my robust foundation Your crabbed relentless daggers Have impudently antagonized me I dedicated my life for your propitious intentions But Your haughty frugality crushed my chastity […]



Come on corona come and get me, I lick toilet seats, stand next to coughing people on the tube but still you can’t get me. You are not as tough as you think you are. What have I got to do look I am not hiding I am not in […]


The Plight of the Rickshaw Puller

He was struggling to sleep because of the sweltering night The only recourse was the hard and firm seat of rickshaw While tossing and turning He did not realize that the bright glow of sun had arrived Irked by the sundry ants He finally stood up After another restless night […]


Truth Over Superiority

At every blow, there is a curse Here we stand facing dilemma of the universe The reunion of the myth and clue Seems to me like a “naked truth” Pondering about honesty Yet, Standing against the deity This is how hypocrisy runs in the veins of our society; An incurable […]


Inner Peace And Security

Inner peace and security can come only from a calm mind and courage of a person. Desire is the engine of progress, but attaining happiness in this life is not impossible. Happiness cannot be achieved in isolation, but it can remove stress and negative emotions. I am in the best shape […]


God -The Ubiquitous

I  believe  in  God Even  though  I  cannot  see  Him I  am  like  a  foetus The  kid  in  mother’s  womb Though  invisible  to  me She  is  real,  not  a  whim So  is  God, All  around  me Though I  cannot  see  Him I  can  feel  the  breeze   unseen, I  can  smell  […]


Let Them Come

Let us lock them inside their homes. Let us not allow them to reach out to the world. Let curfew become the norm. Let every day become an Emergency. Let us allow men in uniform to rape and kill. Let us allow men in the faraway capital to issue decrees. […]


Appreciating the Saviors

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Now that, wanting or un-wanting, we are moving towards the gradual lifting of the country wide lockdown and are entering a very critical phase in our fight against coronavirus. Now is the time to get behind the people who are working to save our lives. […]