Month: April 2015


The Scorpion

It was a damp rainy day The slush and the mush Triggered the dirt everywhere Outside the roads were covered with filth The drains overflowed, the gutters were full Creepy crawlies fled their nests Looking for shelter, longing to rest My rainy shoes tired and sore Lay outside the bamboo […]



ये  ख़ुनक भरी हवा और ये चांदनी का सैलाब मेरे मन के सूनेपन को भर   नहीं   पाता हादसों और  तल्ख़ियों से पुख्ता मेरे   मन   का   बाँध तेरी बेरुख़ी  से अब बिखर  नहीं  पाता कौन रोकेगा ऐसे दर्द के दरिये का बहाव जिसके आगे नसीहतों का पर्वत ठहर नहीं पाता ये […]

Week's Person

Letter To Readers: An Appeal for Nepal

Dear Readers, In wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal which was felt as far as New Delhi has resulted in unimaginable destruction and death toll which is likely to rise. Those affected by this disaster are in our prayers. As Indians, we stand by our neighbors in Nepal in […]


The Mirror

I  had a mirror, a  mirror  with  magic A  beautiful  thing  that’s beyond  logic Seen  through  it, The hills  and  the  vales Simply  turned  into The  Fairy   tales, The  grass  looked  greener Sky  seemed  cleaner, Images  were  fanciful,  as I  gazed   on  like  a  dreamer. Harsh  realities  of  my  world […]


The Cunning Fox

In a forest nearby Beside a river that flowed A haunt of the fox slowly brewed One day a lonesome traveler took rest Under the tree that was tired and… dead? The branches drooped the leaves outgrown A soft couch it made for the traveler to swoon Tired and lonesome […]


The Silent Sacrifices for “Red” Politics

By The Editor The recent attack and killing of our jawans in Chhattisgarh has refreshed people’s mind of a problem about which we pay heed for only one or two days in every three or four months. It’s like living with Cancer and the government hopes that turning a blind […]


The Magic

The wind is blowing softly around Heady  fragrance  wafting  round & round River  rushing  down the valley Tumbling, hurtling, dancing  gaily Flowers  blooming  over  the  hills It’s  Spring  the season that  thrills I’m  missing  the  wonderment through & through For me  the  Magic  were you, just  You Birds, chirping, flock  […]



The cozy mist reposing on the Slumbering leaves Shakes them out of their stupor; The parched wind Sucks the fading drops Blending with gaiety  As the grasshoppers hop around Tasting the grassy seeds moist and cool Hush! It’s yet not warm The sun is reluctant to shine Through the hazy […]