Month: January 2020


Unwarranted Dreams

Every dream is not Supposed to be fulfilled Let it go Or else It might come true And then It’ll come Crashing down Leaving you wounded And In unbearable pain So much so that You’ll wish, You had never dreamt That dream                 […]


Angel Humble

Moony nirvana sigh An angel hovering in the sky Especially, one that’s in the why Paying tribute in cry Above the flying A holy weep place, in skying In a rainbow, humble, heaven Worshipping a glory garden An angel, becoming Praising as kneeling, bowing             […]


Hold Me

Whenever you are near me I feel different When your eyes look at me It seems you see me from within My heart cannot contain the Happiness it is giving me I’m not good in concealing my feelings I always wanted to tell you: Just Hold me and make me […]


The Artist and its Art

By Chandrasen Yadav It’s impossible to separate art from the artist. Amidst all the controversies around Deepika Padukone standing up for the students, an argument often thrown casually popped up again—we have to separate art from the artist. It’s an old debate, and an argument being used to a point […]



By Lahari Kanadamuru “It hurts. Please help me.” The girl looking at her reflection in the mirror seems broken. She is in her most vulnerable state now, having no one to talk to. None comes to her mind. All she could focus on is the reflection. It didn’t feel like […]


The Walk

By Anuradha S. Bannore As we walked down the street we heard someone cry feebly “Help me!” We turned in the direction of the sound There was  not a soul to be seen We continued walking when the voice pleaded in earnestness, “Please don’t leave help me, please help me! […]


The Wolf in Lion’s Skin

By Shobha Diwakar Somewhere beyond the boundaries of the city there lay a dense jungle where resided a number of wild beasts of all shapes and sizes. Some elephants, tigers, lions, leopards, bears, wild lizards, jackals, foxes and wild boars even rattle snakes and venomous cobras … the fauna densely […]


I am a Woman

I have always been locked up inside a cage. The cage, I’ve always dreamt of breaking. A minute breach of discipline was severely chastised. They taught me to fit in, to fit into their conception of womanhood. I silently questioned why to fit in, when I can step out? I […]


India: The Republic and Its Challenges

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal The country is changing, the people are changing, and divergent issues are stirring people to take sides. Passions are running high and 71st republic day marks the turning point in the saga of this country.  India as a country has come far from 1947 but […]