Month: June 2022


Jade Plant

Precious glory of nature, Perfect peer of a lonely soul, Pearl of a safe harbor, My jade plant is my favorite armor.                                                         […]


Empty Thought

As age keeps growing, I try hard not to get old,But mind you not to be bold and cold.Set your mind free of greedAnd let it not bleed with faulty creed.                                         I […]


Failing Trance…

The Sun galloped down the mysterious hills, Aborning the primerose in every feel, I strolled in loneliness down the browny woods, Eavesdropping the nearing of sonorous hooves.                                               […]


Pyaar Kya Hai?

by Akshita Chaudhuri Meri jaan, what would you tell me if I asked you, “yeh pyaar kya hota hai?” I wonder if you would’ve told me about the woman living in Calcutta, her love reverberates through the kitchen walls and her love is caged between what she calls a home. […]


Sarabhai Sense Season 2

by Nourin N.K Welcome back readers! I hope you people haven’t forgotten this poor neighborhood writer. Even if you did, I am pretty sure our Sarabhai is still alive in your very heart.  I am not so sorry to admit that I was in exile. But here I am happy […]


As Time Goes By

Soul ever remains young, hunting experiences; Travels through multiple lifetimes spent, Gains timeless experiences, learnings: Appearances change with time, The change so happened, Time has gone by! Thinking of an era gone by, Even multiplies as time passes by, Experiences-maturing with time, The outlook simply modifies, Entangles convictions, impressions!   […]


World Music Day

I was a lonely creature from where to start I never knew… but you came nudged me prodded me Induced  a melody in my heart.. Like violin strings I Synchronised with yourHeart beat and harmony Brewed me way Your voice like music Vibrated in my memory Livened up my space […]



We were gathered together On a windy evening without a crowding party To save the drops of tear for sorrow To share our smiles for ordinary day To wait for whatever happens to make us happy And, to listen you say love me We don’t dissolve like sugar in the […]


The Coming T-20 World Cup

by Deepanshu Srivastava This October will start the prestigious T 20 I World Cup in Australia. Each participating country prepares hard to make its claim for the cup. Team India is no different. The only occasion on which team India has won the cup was in 2007 under the leadership […]


Phantom From Past

I live, normally, in the present day Don’t brood over that’s gone away                                               Nor worried about what’s in future Being happy-go-lucky is my nature       […]