Month: September 2019



‘How dare you?’ Finally, The nature adopts The voice Of her loved ones After being tired Of severe self torturing. I fear – How intense is The suffering of her To release The intolerable pain Into young minds, A whole earth of pain.               […]


Forever in My Heart

I’ve been looking for you forever A missing piece that completes me When I first saw your eyes I know you are “THE ONE.” When all of my hopes and dreams are dying You are my knight and shining armor You give meaning to this life and Everything I see […]


The Unsung Song

They say I am full of life I’m filled with song and dance I live life to the hilt I miss no rapturous chance I don’t believe in crying I’m jubilant and strong There are courageous people I’ve been with them for long Now I have a dark secret I […]


Evolved Waste Birth 2

Straight planets And divinely pro – Grammed cells Are blessed Angels. Evolution theorist Are vulturous–scavengers And surviving – Leaches! They are the inhuman–synonyms Of sugar–wells Soulless–Numacraps, And address(face) – Less profiles, Who don’t believe In the miracle And the existence of TheCreator Or TheGodSunLight ! Poetically, They don’t believe In […]


Drops of Life

Out of my windowpane I open my bleary eyes to see a dry and arid stony lane. The day seemed to be in stuck in static life around was sparse and sporadic With a sigh, wishing for a change in scenery through the disguise the pain of human cries. My […]


Lost at Sea

Athirst, solivagant my mind… drifting towards the sea crystalline… And I inmingle into the waters saline… brine of my eyes in the endless brine… as an ebullient river cascading into the sea and losing its existence in its embrace divine… Hypnotizing hues of blue and green… fathomless, forgiving and hauntingly […]


There Is No Chaos Theory II

‘I’ am the Composer of lovely climates. ‘I’ am the Creator of sea-sons or seasons! Ya evolved Numacrap’s Existence is soulless mere-dust! From the Alpha to Omega ! Those Who hurl War And blood culture Are unaware that It’s a Boomerang ! Mere-dust evolved eyes Which Tried to Scale the […]


Rewrite the Stars

When we fell in love so deeply We didn’t know about the hurdles That will come in the way of our love But we’ll fight all the forces external Caste and creed and the skin colour Why should these trivialities matter Love is a thing of divine virtue Should it […]


The Ideal Indian Bride

By Sarika Tainwala A conversation overheard between two neighboring aunties: – Aunty 1:  Sharmaji’s daughter Gita turned 27 yesterday. She is short, dark; she parties late night and only hangs out with males. She is too ambitious and has been promoted to Editor in chief at such a young age, […]