Month: June 2019


To The Golden Mermaid

I She was the cousin Of the Arabian sea. She visited bottom, Middle and top of merry And melancholy. Promethean Moonlight Was her oldest – Comrade ! GodSunLight, Her last ! Because, She loved to live eternally in The purifying Eternalness, Fire, Turbulent songs, Simple-languages, ARTs, scratch, And eternal Rebellion, […]


Love In Tears

When you’ll see my letter You may think it’s a blank paper Look deeply at obscure images They’re tear drops you may infer Since that very day you walked Out of my lonely anguished world Life went out of gear and been Topsy – turvy and totally twirled I was […]



You believed you’ve destroyed me, That I will go down on my knees, How apt and  foolish for you to be, Such an ignorant piece of mess. We are women, but a special kind, Ones who will destroy your vanity, Look at us again and it will remind, We shall […]


Artificial Wombs

By Mark Antony Rossi Science frees us in many ways…from the bodily terror which the savage feels. But she replaces that, in the minds of many, by a moral terror, which is far more overwhelming.                               […]


Wonderful Creation

tap in the back heard the last cry a new life was born the window of the soul opened a glimpse of an eye senses worked from sole to crown a pleasing sight to behold.   in its innermost being body organs were placed interdependent to each other controlled and […]



It all started with a simple hi and hello Greetings every morning feel halo Sharing our thoughts and personal dreams Spending time chatting, laughing at memes One day romantic feelings is expressed To the person who I know as the best Feelings reciprocated, expected! Until my love and quarrel entangled […]


Саха Марана

Припукват съчките, димът се извива, цветята на огъня, глухия тътен на хората. Ще влезеш ли облечена във дългото сари О, дъще на Индия  – веднъж се изгаря… Единствено! Пристъпяш, боса си… Главата вдигната. Ти ще си първата – най-любимата. Сидхартха е мъртъв. След агония ( горда) и отдаване (в радост) […]


F*** IT

You always get to a point when you say fuck it what will be will be and you cross some line and let something else decide You can’t even remember how you got to the place but all the same there you are. Head down tossing a coin or asking […]