Note to Our Contributors

The opinions published on this website are of writers alone. Indian Periodical is an independent medium and welcomes all viewpoints but, published opinions do not necessarily express our stand on the subject. As a startup on tight budget we are unable to pay any of our contributors right now but we intend to change this policy in future. All Submissions should be sent in the body of email and subject line should include section and title of your work. No attachments will be opened or used for submissions. We accept submissions from anyone and everyone who is interested in writing on topics related to India and Indians but we also welcome works on subjects of general interest and works with a global appeal. Our experience has motivated us to open doors to different point of views and we have been truly blessed in the sense that talented poets, writers, photographers and cartoonists from around the world  have been featured in our small, upstart magazine.

An important note: after submission, if you do not hear back from us within a week. Feel free to submit it to other publications.

Opinions Guidelines

  • Submit at  [email protected] 
  • Articles on all sorts of topics are invited. 
  • Should be grammatically correct. You don’t have to be artistic on the prose. Simple, terse, straight forward English would do.   
  • Put Opinion – “Title of your article ” in the subject line for opinion pieces.
  • Try to keep your article structured, use facts to back your point.
  • Uniqueness is key. Be yourself, but reference other’s work if you use it in the article. Do not plagiarize.
  • Word limit for opinions pieces is 800.
  • Send the articles in the body of mail with your brief bio, articles submitted as attachments would not be opened.
  • We do not accept articles that are already published elsewhere.

Cartoon Guidelines

  • Submit at [email protected] 
  • We welcome cartoons from both emerging and established artists.
  • Put Cartoon Title in the subject line for cartoon pieces. 
  • Should be relevant to current day affairs or with a broader appeal and message.
  • Should be previously unpublished. 

Poetry Guidelines

  • Submit at [email protected] 
  • Should be previously unpublished. 
  • Currently, we are accepting poems in English & Hindi but we would love to publish poems in other Indian and international languages if you can provide us with translation. If you would like to help us in this area or have any questions. Please feel free to contact us.
  • One poem per submission.
  • Put Poetry – “Title of your poem” in the subject line.
  • Work should be of your own.
  • No hard and fast rule on the word limit, we leave it to your better judgement. 

Thousand Words Guidelines

  • Submit at [email protected] 
  • Should be previously unpublished. 
  • It’s the section where we publish the pictures you send us.
  • You have a camera, smartphone and a little bug of photography then send us your best shot.
  • One picture per submission. Send it in the body of the email.
  • Send us your name and place where you took the picture.
  • We will also accept picture essays on different subjects from photography aficionados.

 Fiction Guidelines

  • Submit at [email protected] 
  • Should be previously unpublished. 
  • Currently, we are accepting short stories and novel excerpts in English that are not previously published.
  • Word limit is 5000.
  • The submitted piece can be of any genera of your choosing.  
  • One submission per issue.
  • Put Fiction – “Title of your submission” in the subject line.
  • Work should be of your own.
  • You have complete copyright to your submission after it’s posted on our website.
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by contributors in poems, articles, photography, or any other type of content published on our platform do not reflect the views of Indian Periodical. The responsibility lies solely on the contributor. We are just a publishing platform.