Month: March 2023


Haunted Life

Time Flees Ne’er the scorched scars of torment Gushing from the stream of consciousness Splashes over the face Babbling and Burbling Slithering like an inchworm riddled with ifs and nots Stumbling on the jagged thorns of love Searching the bygone childhood in the flooding memories of the past Oh! Beautiful […]



She stood up, into the kitchen my eyes glanced, how could you! when it’s 103? In soft tone, she murmurs, “Are you all gonna be hungry” that same moment, my heart dumbfounded. How strong she is! my mind whispered with a sudden flick of eyes, again, with her soft tone […]


The Exploratory Journey towards Universal Universe

by B.H.S. Thimmappa Utopian Vision, Dystopian Reality Ambiguity, complexity, uncertainty, and volatility characterize life today in this world. Science is a way of thinking and space exploration, including interstellar space may provide evidence of design in the universe and the existence of life elsewhere in the universe. The size of […]


A Mind That Is Not At Home

Every time I feel that there’s a body that is not at home, And a mind that sits mindlessly on a yellow couch. I have written letters addressed to the mind that has forgotten the smell of its presence in a room full of people. Bustling happiness In a city […]


Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2023

by Deepanshu Srivastava The long wait for the much-awaited Women’s Premier League came to an end with its inaugural edition getting kicked off on March 4, 2023, 15 years after the men’s IPL- the brainchild of Mr. Lalit Modi which created a revolution in Indian cricket. Framed exactly along the […]


Let Me Die Again

Let me die again Let me die as everyday – Every time -every moment- I died. Let me die today too. I am ugly – But my soul is not coarse. I may be lazy – But my mind may not be sloth. How folly they are! Who always bothers […]


La Belle Femme

She was a woman par excellence, Exceptionally charming to see, Well-versed in exotic dances, She was proficiency’s epitome.                                                 She kept the world obsessed with her For […]


Road to Modernism

The more I look, the sadder I get. The sky, the blue, the taste of freedom. It doesn’t taste like freedom anymore. The black chimney smokes, dissolving , The air gulping it in one go till it’s enough; Leading to indigestion; I mean, pollution… Air pollution.         […]


The Empty Room

by Pratik Mainali The abandoned old mansion on the outskirts of town was the subject of persistent rumors of being haunted. The neighbors murmured tales of weird sounds emanating from within, spectral figures appearing in the windows at night, and the curse that had befallen the family who had resided […]


Willfully Woebegone

Seene mein jalan aankho me tufaan sa kyun hai?Is shahar mein har shaks pareshan sa kyun hai? Every place is now a Mumbai Pareshani seems to be airborne Like it was (said to be) during Covid.                             […]