Dying Humanity

Everything seems scary,

Sunk in solitary…

People stranded to death,

Humanity taking its final breath…


Hoping to seek more love

I end up in a dark cove…

Waiting for a wave,

To wash the agony away…

To those who suffer in silence,

Trusting their resilience…

It’s all blues,

And no hues…

                                              ~Harini Vaithialingam



  1. Beautifully written……so thoughtful.

  2. Yangchenla Palzor

    Amazing haru so proud of you

  3. Soooper. Congrats Harini….

  4. Congratulations Hari, I’m Proud

  5. Lavanya Vaithialingam

    Wonderful thoughts..just in alignment with life. Congratulations Harini 🎊