Month: August 2017


Our Nagar Nigam

This is our own nagar nigam What in English, we call the Corporation We pay heavy taxes to ensure we get proper services Clean streets, regular water supply, clean drinking water Good pavements and roads to walk upon Trenches dug and cleaned at least once a month Rubbish picked up […]


Long Live Routine!

awake oh my god late! shit brush bathe press run dress polish pack zip run traffic choke smoke arrive swipe stairs fix chair to buttock stare eye to computer type type type type type loo break type type type type type fart type type lunch type type type type night […]


On The Grounds Of Fire

On the Grounds of Fire it is sweet fruit of desire that will make you feel the world, the dollar’s round and will be hurled. On the Grounds of Fire armies march with no end reducing things to original sin, any coin’s round and can be made to win. On […]


Setting the Example

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal This week a lot of examples were set in our country that’d be remembered for a long time to come. Supreme Court gave Muslim women their long overdue rights, privacy became a fundamental right and baba of bling was found guilty of assault and rape. […]



On a grassless rocky hill Sans a cataract or a rill Sprouted a flowery plant, Giving me my life’s thrill I saw its will in abundance Its courage and grit was immense It stood, surpassing  all Other blooms in sheer elegance It was a surprise disclosure Nature’s rare, amazing treasure […]


The Relegation Of Tagore

By Ananya Guha It is learnt that the latest wrath has fallen upon Rabindranath Tagore and by who else but by lackeys of the powers that be. It is both not surprising and surprising as well. One felt that  a man of his stature, Tagore would have been spared of […]



Like a moth to the flame, I am drawn to you. Your brilliance lures me in with intoxicating appeal. I am the bird that flies into your window, lying dazed at your feet, waiting to be gently lifted in your hands, and held to your heart. You look deep into […]