Month: March 2022


A Village Girl

I was in love with a girl, because Her hair is curly and black. She, who lives near the bank of the river, Everyone watched her and whispered. She walks alone on sunny days, enjoying the breeze though Everyone watches her. She, who learned to be a girl of the […]



Lacking in breath, Feeling short of life, The fall of a monument, Totalitarian regimes, Shouting forth voices of hegemony, The pain of birth, The utility of life, Killing and moving on Into the arrows of death Never stopping, never-ending Hurling forth obsessed emotions, Towards eternity. ~ Debdoot Mukherjee Kolkata, India


Be Unique Be You

by Syed Inshaallah Tahir There is something deeply wrong when we try to be someone else and forget our own individuality. When you are born, you are not given cloned identity, you are endowed with certain qualities, unique patterns, colors, unique capacities, and specialties and therefore you are to perform […]



खंडहर से वीरान खड़े हैं जो कभी मकान हुआ करते थे। अनगिनत स्मृतियाँ समेटे गुमनाम खड़े हैं जो कभी आबाद हुआ करते थे। ईंट गारों की दीवारें जो चमकदार हुआ करती थीं कभी आज जर्जर बेआबरू हो सरेआम खड़े हैं। कैसे ज़ज्बात होंगे उस खण्डहर के लोग रहते थे कभी, […]


Dilapidated Density

Pallid paintings on the empty walls withhold too many memories. Sculptures at the intersection of decades have seen decline of too many cultures. Thousands of things rise and fall, are born and die, within just a twinkling of an eye. Sterile streets are shrouded by silhouettes of sorrow. Footless shoes […]


Reason I Love Poetry

When my horizon is Black and blue When I feel like Cry and rue I tilt my core and Let ink flow On paper but keep The rosy hue   In my poems my sorrows You can view It leaves me happy That’s also true   Poetry is a healing […]


Do Not Disturb The Silence Of This Night

Do not disturb the silence of this night Let it prevail, let it sail I can feel the beats of my heart Feared it is but I am in love with this fear I will sleep embracing it tonight Do not disturb the silence of this night Not alone I […]


Finding Her

On a white ocean night I dreamed of you;Not the usual ones of love, affection, or care ;But searched in your eyes for your smile,Sold my heart for your happiness,Alas! Couldn’t find the smiling you.When you’re lost on your own pathJust remember I’m always the holding hand to guide you […]


The Universe War of Future

When the first universe war bell will ring The ears will leave listening The eyes will blame each other The nostrils will blame mucus The mouth will blame the tongue The tongue will blame saliva For tastelessness. When the second universe war bell Will ring, The fingers will leave the […]


The Evolution of Revolution

বিপ্লৱ—স্বাধীনতাक्रांति, क्रांति, क्रांतिThe evolution of a revolution:a r(evolution) that demands freedomincised on my poetry—a slogan to the carcasses of my ancestors,a protest to my womanhood strangled with war,आज़ादी, आज़ादी, आज़ादीবিপ্লৱ—স্বাধীনতাक्रांति, क्रांति, क्रांतिThe evolution of a revolution:stamped on the Tiranga—with the voice of Kanaklata echoing“Vande Mataram “;blood imprinted at Gohpur,आज़ादी, आज़ादी, […]