No Dogmas No Division

Into the light,

Listen to the unearthly grins!

Behold the enervated greens!

Wits are applauding grandma’s recipes,

Press is pressing ideas of fallacies,

Tomorrow seems trader’s brothel,

Is there still life in any wondrous heritage?

Could there ever be a Free State?

With synthesis of philosophy – both West and East,

Rousseau, Sankhya, Buddha, Kant, Lao, Marx;

Coalescence of ethics,

Confluence of ethnicity,

Think of that period, oh wise ones!

That war against racist kingdoms,

The sacrifices of Bose, Singh, Sen, and beyond,

We were never divided,

There was always harmony,

We fought, we won,

Was there discrimination?


United was we,

So why not now?

The General Will stills wants peace and harmony,

Socialism’s security,

Contemplation to inner consciousness,

Renunciation of the riches,

Abtinence and awareness,

Men and women becoming one,

Let there be a new age again!

No dogmas! No diversion!

Existence! Knowledge! Bliss


~Siddhartha Basu


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