Month: March 2023


Role of Women in Society

by Sidharth Mishra Women have played an integral role in shaping the world we live in today. From being the first educators of children, to their contributions in science, technology, politics, and every aspect of human endeavor, women have proved to be invaluable asset to humanity. Despite this, women have […]


Dreadly Living

Conjurer of emotions, A beast of varied origins Cuts through the tanned thin skin crawls beneath it. Coils as Umbilical creating tumulting flutters. Courses through the blood to boil it and ruin the day  rampantly flaring the cells. Hobbling through the canthus, pricking the eyes; digs a deep pit in […]


The Girl in Red

A hundred worlds, a thousand places, Inhibitions gone, reticence shed. Who is she, they wonder, they shrug, they ask, For there she sits, the girl in red.                                               […]


Ra Ra Rasputin

That night when the Goddess of death Gave the kiss of love with her deep blue lips Frozen Neva River stood as stumbled Carrying the poison-kissed Corpse                                               […]