Month: January 2016


Right to Grow: The Case of Children in Orphanages

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal These days we hear women protesting to get their right to worship equally with men at different temples and mosques around the country. Well, it’s a good start and if women groups keep their efforts persistent, who knows their prayers might be heard sooner than […]


गया वक़्त

वो   पशेमाँ   है  मगर   क्या  फ़ायदा खोये   लम्हें   लौट  कर  आते   नहीं इतने  गहरे ज़ख़्म  दिल  पर  खाये  हैं कुछ  भी कर  लो पर  निशाँ जाते  नहीं ऐसे   भी  कुछ  लोग  हैं  जो  उम्र  भर संग  रहें  पर  दोस्त  बन   पाते  नहीं क्यों   हुआ , कैसे   हुआ  ये  हादसा इन  […]


The Glass Jar

Crashed, it splashed on the floor It cracked something inside me; Sorrowfully I stared at the bits of glass That seemed to give a vacant cry, “Why were you so careless?” “Couldn’t you handle me with care?” I stared, and stared and stared, A blank drew me apart     […]



अब  मै  शायद  कभी तुम्हारे  द्वार  ना  आऊँ अब  ना  राह  में  मेरी तुम  भी  दीप  जलाना जिसने  हो  वर  लिया  तिमिर  को उसे  ज्योति  की  छलना  से  क्या जिसने  मरु  को  स्वयं  चुना  हो उसे   भ्रांत   मृगतृष्णा   से   क्या मैने   अपना    ढूंढ   लिया भूला     तप    का    पथ तुम   अब   […]



On Our Papa’s Passing Away Day by day, he struggled To keep himself alert His health gave way gradually He saw visions we did not see. The brightness of the day receded Far, far into the wild He probably was aware The sun would soon set, not rise Darkness would […]


Startup and Suicide

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Prime Minister Narendra Modi commendably launched Startup India last week. It was a much awaited move to foster entrepreneurial growth in the country. Promising and necessary steps were taken so that bureaucracy can give way to innovation but this promising initiative was eclipsed by the […]


आज हमने

आज   हमने   तूलिका   से   स्वप्न   की दर्द  के  रंग  में  हृदय  को  रंग  लिया  है        सान्ध्य  के  आकाश  पर  रंगीन  बादल        और   क्रमशः  सृष्टि  पर   छाता  अँधेरा        ज्यों  किसी  के  जलभरे  आरक्त  दृग  से        बह  गया  पिछले  प्रहर  का  क्षुधित  काजल इसलिए   विश्वास   की   पतवार  ले   […]


An Odyssey of Odd Even

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal The recently ended scheme of odd even in Delhi showed us all that things can change, people and authorities can come together if the change is desperately needed.  Though dip in pollution level is being hotly debated by some environmental experts and scientists but the […]