Month: October 2015



इस  रास्ते  पे  मेरे  सिवा  कोई  नहीं  है ख्वाबों का क़ाफ़िला बहुत आगे निकल गया वो  मोड़, दोराहे  पे  जिसे  छोड़ आये  थे वो और किसी कारवाँ से जा के मिल गया परछाइयाँ  तक  साथ  मेरा  दे नहीं  पाईं घिरता अँधेरा जब मेरा सूरज निगल गया अब  क्या करेगा कोई  […]



Sing, sing oh, sing with me Morning sunshine sings with me, Village folks all up about, Stir the early morning light, Bright and light their footsteps fall On the dewy grass outside; Soft and steady their sturdy stride Keeps them healthy, wealthy and bright Not in the sense that money […]


Bihar Election: Make or Brake

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal  Bihar and Bihari’s have a special sort of charm that fascinates whole country, the lawlessness, the wild east that might or might not exist  in the real life is made popular by movies and tv. Bihar though rich in natural resources and talented people has […]


A Farce Sold as Protest

By Ranjit K. Sahu The recent returning of awards by some celebrities in lieu of the happenings calls for a closer scrutiny of their action, not in terms of their social impact but more in terms of their implications on the award itself. While it is common knowledge now that […]



Walls are walls everywhere, Nothing can be built without them; They divide the house into rooms Rooms into differently adorned embodiments We call home; But walls are also boundaries We cross one from another, To enter, These walls are also geographical boundaries Within a nation, Within a state, between a […]



तुम  रोकना  भी  चाहो  तो  ना  रोक  सकोगे बहता  हुआ  दरिया  हूँ  मैं,  तालाब  नहीं  हूँ अपनी  ही  रौशनी  है , नहीं   है  उधार  की जलती   हुई   शमा  हूँ , माहताब   नहीं   हूँ करना  ना दरकिनार मुझे वहम  समझ  कर इक जिस्म मुजस्सिम हूँ, महज़ ख्वाब नहीं हूँ क्यों  ढूंढते […]


The Patriotic Duty to Embarrass the Country

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni is an odd one out in broad, diversified and sometimes weird Indian political landscape. His way to foreign policy is like a marriage councilor who is suggesting a couple to have a candle light dinner when husband and wife are busy swinging […]


Dark Lady

With her seductiveness she allures, Conque’ring all incestuous values. Beaut tinged with Medusa’s tandems. Gifted to charm hormonal totems. Sweet mistress of promiscuous blue, Pruning hopes with her vulva’s dew. Slide through the crevice betwixt her legs Akin you be to hades’ accursed dregs.             […]


The Forest

A beauteous evening it was The setting sun painted The earth and sky with unbelievable hues Stunned by the awesome panoramic view And before it was cloaked by darkness The lady galloped on her horse Through the maze of the forest Fringed with beautiful tall slim trees The swaying verdant […]