Month: October 2020


All Souls Eve!

One dark night The street has no light I feel so cold When I heard a voice.   I just continue walking While it is raining Until I saw an abandoned place Which looks like a haunted space.   Carrying with me is a prayer Seeing myself going in there […]


My Soul My Love

It’s an obscure, unrequited love I’m a body in love with my soul I am her slave, serving, caring and Enabling her to achieve her goal   I’m definitely perishable But my soul is immortal All I have to do is to Help her reach divine portal   She’s incomplete […]


The Final Moments of the Acclaimed Duryodhan

A wolf proceeded menacingly close; Its yellow eyes smoldering; Saliva dripping from its maws. The canine teeth were bared; Bloodlust exposed, and ravenous. The dying warrior tried to fend it off; But unable he was; For he could not move. Broken and ruptured were his thighs; His body being drained […]


Feelings of Voiceless

All my talents are now as unpleasant sewage Know me; I am a man with weak voice I have gigantic berries of awareness to share But all my connections have disconsolate Core that lies inside my head is influentially scorching And, my rational emotion is flexible terrain of passionate thought […]


The Saviour

El Salvador, Thirty-three, On New Year’s Day, A child is born And christened, Alicia, Meaning in English: “Of noble character”. 16 of 800, as a percentage, is two, And, as a young woman, she was one, At MIT, added to their number, And John Forbes Nash Jr. Was her irrational […]


How Far Jerusalem (Letter to My Liberal Jewish Friends)

by Mark Antony Rossi There’s a predilection among Jews in general but particularly ones in Europe and America to take for granted their Jewish existence. Never mind Jewish businesses are being firebombed on a weekly basis in France. Never mind the British Labour Party blames Jews for Brexit resulting in […]


South Asia and Politics

Initially seven sisters joined hands called themselves SAARC dynasty to live in unity, They had numerous gatherings to sort out, help in each other’s needs, Later someone’s cousin decided to come along within, All decided to help her to move together as she was badly suffering.   Nobody knows sometimes […]


A Beautiful World Through My Eyes

None surpasses the sacredness of love. Manifested from each very breath of life. By His divine mercy that is ceaseless. A mind that thinks, a heart that loves.   His works are divinely perfect. Beautiful, grand and truly majestic. Each simple to complex creation uniquely picked. To sustain life, heal […]


Beyond Seasons

Breeze ice cold, tales of old, Lurched in a lone love-seat And a frozen hearth Listening to the beat of a long-dead heart.   These eyes will shed tears no more, Nor this lips utter your name Never more this heart shall bleed And build castles in the air.   […]


The Caterpillar

The flabby caterpillar felt bad, when other insects went mad. Called her dull and many legged, ‘Don’t despise me’, she begged. They made fun of her hair, She thought, why god isn’t fair? Other bugs flew and giggled, She tried to run away but wiggled. The humiliation went for days, […]