Verses of Yore

The moonlight shines over the slope of a distant mountain,
Where once stood the gorgeous castle,
Now, ruins cry to reveal the past.
Dark clouds accumulate over the horizon, the wind sighs
Lamentation wails behind the zenana;
Colossal bastion veils the Truth which ruined it down
It fears none save the Truth to go bare.
Shades of darkness gather up to make the
Passer-by feel the unchanged feeling of cold,
Once the hall-mark of Palace’s hospitality.
Abstract things lead to woes, and filthy sorrows.
Human dispositions were then weighted under,
The measures of stratification, which blemished,
The equity of temporal affections.
The visitor witnessed the deep desperation,
Grieve succumbs the tone, which aches his heart.
They started to fall, to love, it was just the same
Alike the ‘love’ of heavenly abode which seized
The stiffness and strains of affinity.
But, what would the world of dominating
Assorted classes give essence to that heavenly courting?
She was toppled down, with him
Running out of fair play. Alas! They perished.
The grave showered its bliss on the entwined lovers,
Silence by inchmeal took its place.
With the passer-by trotting on horse-back
To hurried thence, to retire to his inner quarters
With disarray mind, leaving the ruins of century behind.
~ Enakshi Sarkar

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