Month: April 2017


Loneliness Within

When  you  feel  lonely It’s  only  inside Outside There  is  a  crowd Filling  up Your  space  with Voices  loud But Cannot  fill That  hollow  pit In  your  heart Left  by  someone  who, After  playing His  part, Vanished  without  a  trace You  simply  put  up A  brave  front Maintaining  your  grace. […]


Future World Is The New Direction

Future World is the new direction. Arctic region, outer space, Cyberspace show the new awareness direction. Conflicts, fraud and violence must end. Future World is the new direction, singin’, dancin’ with my sweet Belle from earth. No more fightin’ and dull betrayal: the new direction begins with love. Future World […]


The Unusual Connect

By Monica Bakre “Vinod Khanna is too perfect…Rajesh Khanna has flaws, so is more natural”, would be my point. My childhood friend and I used to compare the two Khannas- Vinod and Rajesh pretty often. While I rooted for Rajesh Khanna, for his handsome, heart-melting looks, she thought I was way off […]


Our Elders

Steal some time for the elders; From the busy wrist watch’s borders; Fetch the time whenever fit; To avoid them feel a tattered coat upon a stick…!! They’re the wines which get costlier by time; They’re the trees under which shadow; one finds relief; Though they look thin and pale; […]


The Worry of Nice

By Mark Antony Rossi I’m old enough now is be suspicious of nice people. They recall handsome cars with empty gas tanks. Beautiful felines of exotic breeding fully spaded. An elegant hunting rifle with no bullets. My experience with nice people involves a series of interactions often resulting in disappointment. […]


Barrel of a Gun

I live in a land  where a thousand barrels  want my change, want me to change. They target me with small pistols When my dreams are few  in those magazines, loaded new Youth being restless  to follow the trend of skins pierced Tattoos of clotted blood, of a clotted thorn, […]


Bharathiyar’s Song for the Child

By N. V. Subbaraman from Chennai, India Great Mahakavi Bharathiyar- great national poet whose revolutionary songs raised Indians to join Mahathma Gandhi’s struggle for freedom. The extraordinary Tamil poet has sung scores and scores  of poems that revolutionized the whole society. He has written a poem for the children and […]