Month: December 2015



Glorifying  Juvenile Ravanas Yes, they are young They are not yet eighteen Their crimes are not serious. They are kept in the reformation cell For a couple of years; They are innocent of the vicious crimes they commit. They rape worse than animals. Their libido never satisfied, Compels them to […]


तुम आओ तो

खुनक  हैं  हवाएँ , घिरी  हैं  घटायें तुम  आओ  तो  जश्न-ए-बहाराँ  करें घने  हो  चले  हैं  अंधेरों   के  साये तुम  आओ  तो  बज़्म-ए-चिरागां  करें तुम्हारे  बिना  रंग  बेरंग  है  सब तुम  ही  बोलो  कैसे   गुज़ारा  करें तुम्हें  ढूंढती  हैं  भटकती   निगाहें तुम्हारे  बिना  क्या  नज़ारा  करें है  तन्हाइयों  का  सफ़र  […]



There is a place that is kind in care A world that overrides with joy Peace here we find at last Joy we seek no more Happiness blazes an unfamiliar environment Man has never been this so content Place your hands on our head Baptize us with a wellspring of […]


Quick Stop Diplomacy

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, this is how we can describe our relationship with Pakistan. Friendship if not love is in the air. Currently we are using the terms like neighbour and padosi instead of enemy. So as citizens what should […]



I see your thumb pointing towards the North, Putin like the scepter of Zeus its cravings are for nuggets of peace shrouded in cloaks of power in stern obeisance to the regimen of your ploys I smoke the tobacco of history, the Marlboro’s of renaissance & I ask, lo! who is Stalin? […]



जिसे देखा, जिसे चाहा, जिसे  पूजा था कभी सामने आज, पर, मेरे ये वो चेहरा तो नहीं है पास   उसने   कई   चेहरे   छुपा  के  रखे  हैं बेवफ़ाई  का  रंग  और  भी गहरा तो नहीं है क्या हुआ  था जो वो ऐसे बदल  गया याराँ चाहतों पर कहीं कोई यहाँ पहरा […]


Where is the balance?

By Vikram Singh If one types “why are newspapers full of bad news” on Google, one will find lots of interesting articles and researches on that subject. I’m sure there are lots of positive things happening around the world but the sheer amount of negativity has started to numb my […]