Month: January 2023


O Day! My Nation Day!

O day! My nation day! O memorable Republic day! Let’s honour Our national flag,  Let’s clap,    Let’s clap,                                                         Let’s again remember […]


The Beige Sneakers

by Dinesh Maurya   Tithi lived on her own in a studio flat quite a distance away from the immigration consultancy firm where she worked as a visa counsellor. She hurtled on her scooter every day to travel back and forth through the congested lanes of Old Delhi except on off-days […]


Writing and Dying

Each poem is an attempt to tell it exactly how it is before it’s too late for me to say anything at all.                            ~Gabriel Bates Tiffin, Ohio, USA


कन्हैया हूं

कन्हैया हूं, कैसे नटखट ना होता, एक मैया देवकी मेरी, दूसरी यशोदा की आंखों का तारा, भला कैसे माखन चोर ना कहलाता, कोख थी देवकी की, और गोद मिली यशोदा की, भला कैसे मैं देवकीनंदन यशोदालाला ना कहलाता।। ~Gunwanti Harish Thanvi  India


Rain Thunder

I listened to the rain today, But I didn’t go out To feel it on my skin If I did I would have drowned. I felt rain thunder Heard your screams And tasted your sweetness I’m buried in your nightmares And deep in your dreams I have felt & enlivened […]


That Cry of Desolation!

I know not what to feel! Lately, I’ve just been feeling like the last wheel- No chores, no load Is it just me or the mind through an redundant road? I sometimes, gaze at the mirror so blankly – Reckoning about worldly desires; And when thoughts appear, I mind-numbingly blink […]


World Without You

I saw you in my dreamYou didn’t talk to me, is this some rule of heaven?You forgotmy birthday Ma, I turned eleven.My head feels dizzy, short of breathOne moment you were here and then just left?                              […]


Old Man in the Park

He sits alone on a bench In the municipal park Soaking up the wintry sun Staring ahead…at what? I wonder what goes on In the minds of the very old: Are they like Buddhas Sedate and wisdom-filled Or merely empty vessels As they sit waiting patiently In the antechamber to […]



To become an air-hostess, candidates must have cleared class XII and pursue a certificate in discipline The course to become an air-hostess comes under the ‘Aviation and Hospitality’  management Air-hostess is a demanding career, which requires candidates to maintain high decorum all the time They are bound to interact with […]


तस्वीर अंजाने की

दिल में एक तस्वीर देख रहा हुं अंजाने की सूरत चांद सी तो नहीं कह सकता लेकिन चांद उस सूरत सी कह सकता हूं उन आंखों को समुद्र सा गहरा तो नहीं कह सकता लेकिन समुद्र को उन आंखों सा गहरा कह सकता हूं उन जुल्फों को हीरों सा चमकिला […]