Month: October 2017


Flaming Hearts

Looking deep into your heart you will see a spark of fire, coming from the marvellous Light deep within your heart of Glory. And a voice of calmness speaks: “Grow and kindle your Flame.” “Grow and kindle your Flame.” Emerging from the spark then comes a tongue of fire golden-warm, […]


Mythical Fire

It’s all fire, fire staying in the form of a flaming eye Fire doing its love-making in open lights; burning you & me, burning them Love me fire, make a good ash of me above truths & myths, Above patriarchies, where you originate in male foreheads Fire, see what happens […]


हम इरादतन तो नहीं आये थे

हम  इरादतन  तो  नहीं  आये  थे  तुम्हारे  घर रास्ता   भूल  गये  थे  किसी   दोराहे  पर   हमने  ये  सोचा  था  कि  प्यार  ने  दस्तक  दी  है लेकिन एक  पत्थर  मिला  आधे  खुले  दरवाज़े  पर   दिल  ने  किसी  और की  उम्र  भर  ख्वाहिश  ना  की इतना  ऐतबार  था   हमको   तुम्हारे   वादे   पर   वादा  तो  तुमने  किया  था  कल  सवेरे  आने  का उसके  लिये, जानम , हम सारी  रात  जागे  पर   हो  भरोसा  गर  तो  हम  हँसते  हुये  मर  जायेंगे शर्त  लेकिन है  कि आओ  तुम   मेरे  जनाज़े  पर    सुधा दीक्षित Translation A ghazal   I  didn’t  come  to  your  house  deliberately I  lost  the  way  and  landed  in  your  alley   I  thought  it  was  love  that  had  knocked  at  […]



You may not love me Days of joy still shines In the garden of love Stars are bringing souls Together since Lovers loved Trees can not live without water Sands can’t without wind Such tenderness You possess Can’t erase my claims. Oh! earth is not an end My deity said […]


Fear Itself

By Mark Antony Rossi FD Roosevelt was right “the only fear we have to fear is Fear itself.” I seem to tackle this dilemma everyday in others. Fear, more than any other reason, holds people back from being their very best. In writing, I expect a certain boldness that is […]


SHE – Part 1

By Shobha Diwakar She lay unwrapped beside him, huddled snugly by his side on the lovely double bed. It had always been the same ever since she had gone. Gone and left him alone. Bereft of all his pleasures “she” was all that he had to look forward to. At […]


To Plan Or Not To Plan

By Hema Ravi Planning for the future is not worthwhile according to some people, particularly youngsters, who believe living in the present is more fulfilling.  Another group however, understands the importance of planning ahead.  While I agree that needless worrying ruins the joy of the present moment, preparing for contingencies would certainly prove beneficial to every individual. Firstly, being organized in everyday life helps to manage […]


ख़ुशी की कविता

कैसे  लिखूं  ख़ुशी  की  कविता खुशियाँ  इतनी  कम  मिलती  हैं मन  करता  है  जी  भर  जी  लूँ जितनी  भी, जब  भी  मिलती  हैं दर्द  भी  अगर  थोड़ा  हो  तो कविता  बन  कर  कब  बहता  है सहन शक्ति  की  सीमा  तोड़े दर्द  तभी  सरिता  बनता  है   इच्छाओं  की  अतिशयता और पराकाष्ठा  चाहत  की पूरी  कभी  कहाँ  होती  हैं अभिलाषायें   राहत  की   इसिलिये  मेरी  कविता  में आंसु   हैं,  कड़वाहट   है सुख  तो  रस्ता  भूल  चूका अब, केवल  दुःख  की  आहट  है ~*~ A    Poem  of  Joy   How  do  I  write  a  poem  of   joy Happiness   is  so   rare I  wish  to  live  it  to the  hilt As  much  and  whenever  it’s  there […]