Land of holy places,

I am the land that always aces.

A new nation is established,

From where my families and friends were separated.

A folklore that is still remembered,

A voice that has never surrendered.

I am the Golden Temple,

Who serves food and shelter to every gender.

I am a myth as some people call me a terrorist,

Because we fight for our rights.

I am that roar that every country has heard,

I am that province that cannot be lured.

I am a land of ethics, peace, and hope,

I am the land of warriors and survivors.

I am known as land of five waters,

I am the ground where enemies cannot wander.

I am the spirit carried by people in their hearts,

I am that land that is known for fighting hard.

A dance performed on every occasion and widely known for its energy,

Residing in people’s hearts, I am those words of poetry.

A melody recognised by the world,

A language cannot be put on hold.

Many came and many will come to take over,

But my story is not over.

I am Punjab.


~Navkiran Kaur

Delta, Canada

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