Month: March 2023


The Ghastly Coronation

The road I was to have chosen, Has gone, withdrawn…topsy-turvy now. The path, only lit by fiery coals await, In a forlorn land, feet burning, just out of snow.                                         You […]


Last Goodbye

goodbyes are painful when you know there won’t be another hello, but the moment I watched you leave, I didn’t know, it would be the last. the last time I see your smile, the last time I feel your touch, the last time I say goodbye. and if only I […]


Memory Mistaken

I fear That you have forgotten the memory of when you first met me A sunflower, waiting for the sun to bloom Golden nectar shining through the half-closed petals Still enough to light up the whole room                           […]


होली की शुभकामनाएं

जब हर गली और नुक्कड़ मेंबुराई को जलाया जाता है,जब विष्णु के उस अवतार के आगेमस्तक झुकाया जाता है                               जब खाने में गुझिया, लड्डू,और दही – भल्ले बनाते हैं,जब कहीं पर लस्सी पिलाते हैं,कहीं दूध में […]


Thousand Times…

I saw the moon thousand times;She has never altered a bit.The night is brightly illuminated with her simle,And the nightly life reignited with so much mirth.How passionately I gaze at her every night,Amazed by its beauty and clairvoyance.There is more excitement to wax and wane,Along with the phases of the […]


Mahajan and His Deer

by Sidharth Mishra Once upon a time, in a far-off village, there lived a young boy named Mahajan. He was kind, humble, and always eager to help others. Mahajan lived with his parents, who were farmers and worked hard to make ends meet. One day, while Mahajan was walking through […]


चाय की सौंधी सी खुशबू…

दिल मेरा दुखाओगे, तो क्या पाओगे, मेरे दिल में जो तेरे लिए चाहते है, उसे तो ना मिटा पाओगे…. सोचते हो, बच बच के गुजर जाओगे मेरी गली से, हवाएं जो महक गई, तेरे आने से, उसे किस तरह छुपाओगे….. पता बता ही देती है, तितलियां इतरा इतरा के तेरा, […]


The Desire

The monsoon sets in, the clouds amass in the firmament, the drops touch the ground – soggy – becomes the grass! A breeze accompanies the rainy jet, I wait for you, the glass planes become blur, I clean in vain! The hours fleet! The darkness enhances, I light a candle. […]


Failure Brings Success

Muddling and rugged pathuntraveled and challenging roadDestination is far awayI feel thorns, pebbles, and harsh ways‘Never give up.! Inspired, he.’I fumbled, fell, and failed multiple timesYes, I was a failure!                                          […]


Thoughts of Fear

I have many thoughts in my head But none of them I have said I am afraid that what people will think But not many of them have a meaning I am trying to overcome my fears Still, my eyes have some tears You never understand my pain Because I […]