Month: June 2018



Relationships die faster than Leaves upon the trees The bunch scatters rapidly  When goodwill snaps the ties  True, no one person matches the other In views they do divide  Unwanted thoughts scatter the vision When clouds thicken the tide Too many individuals soon grow tall With independent views That clash […]


Blaming the Engineers

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal There is a joke that’s quiet famous among engineering graduates in India, Civil engineers work hard studying about stresses, material strength, structural mechanics and surveying and whole lot of other subjects only to become a software developers in IT sector. I work in the IT […]


Yonder Lands – 2

Photographs arrive by the morning post Of Grandsons and Grand daughters, In a year or half Somehow…… But they, don’t She awaits, anxiously with baited breath   As she stands at the threshold Of a half open door.. Right across, The fragrance of the Harsingar flowers, Float past her surpassing […]



Ordinariness is no joke: Requires hard work and sincerity Sans jealousy and competitiveness A class apart: Commoners, Plain Janes , Samaritans, Nameless, anonymous crowds Turn tables, On the Ides of March Hail Antony, Pave way for a million malalas, Meditating in cavernous casements , Featuring In autobiographies Lost mendicants Celebrate […]


Handed Down By Jesus

As I walked out in the street one day I saw the eagle flying along the ray. I saw the gentle and the law of fate, I saw the warriors fading into comin’ days. There’s sweat on every tool and the shadows are cool. I saw the girl of hunger […]


Sun In My Palm

Sometimes while walking I pause and look back, There were so many vicissitudes In the life’s track A very lonely childhood, A gypsy life style, In a sea of tribulations I was a solitary isle I faced stormy winds I fought the difficult time, Some moments turned out bad For no reason and rhyme I am gifted with perseverance, My faith moves mountain, In adverse circumstances, too My grit and courage I sustain So I challenged the sun That I will overpower him Now I hold him in my palm I  look bright and he is dim.                                         […]


The Seagul

I want to be like one of those old seagulls who knows he is close to death. No goodbyes no farewells They just go out to sea and keep flying they fly until they die.                               […]


Mona Lisa

Is this the face That fascinated A zillion senses ? Thrilled a trillion Thoughts ? Baffled a billion Brains ? Mused a million minds ? And a thousand times told Lovelier and loveliest ! You are the ever cherished – Season of ART, The gift of Renaissance painting; The very […]


अतीत जो ,सुप्त पड़ा है

अतीत जो ,सुप्त पड़ा है | उसे वैसे ही रहने दो | जाग्रत करने की कोशिश ना करो || बीते रिश्ते जो ,बिसरे हुए है | उन्हें वैसे ही रहने दो | याद कराने की कोशिश ना करो || नज़म जो ,उलझी है | उसे वैसे ही रहने दो | […]