Month: December 2018


Hands Fall Like Dying Butterflies

Let’s call this love: the waves folding over your head like the wings of a tent flap, the suffocating confines of warm blankets in a morning you don’t remember entering the heavy arm of a stranger thrown over your chest that won’t let you go. This, let’s call this last […]


Merry Christmas

Bell rings in the whole town, The bell was ringed by Jinglebell. In that silent night, When there was peace in the town, Birth of Jesus Christ took place. Everywhere sounds happiness, Santa Caus coming along yey, Bring gifts for us. Wearing beautiful red costume, Children enjoys the Santa Song. […]


Careless Whisper

Be  careful, even  walls  have  ears Don’t  spill  your   secret  needlessly When  you  have  romantic  feelings Don’t  say  a  word,  speak  with  eyes Silence  utters  volumes, you  know Dream  untold  is  the  sweetest  prize Look  at  nature’s  beauty  divines Colorful  flowers  on  verdant  trees Fragrant  breeze, brown  earth,  blue  sky […]


Open Blue Sky

my wing clipped to abandon my fly choking my voice to squeeze loud cry captivating my persona with shades of fear even though my eyes shedding not a drop of tear. homo sapiens lineage within me still linger thwarting bondage all -nowhere feel of despair wings anew whirling wind promised […]


Turn the Page

My thoughts are simmering As the slivers of the light fall from the clouds Like the blessings of the divine showered from above Oh! we sinners, As we pay for our penance climbing those silver stairs on our knees Will we get out of the vortex of hell? spinning around […]


December Pastels

A love letter I inscribe on a postcard with pictures of poetry books… I hide it between the pages of a Dostoyevsky novel* dark and disturbing like Rogozhin’s passion or Nastasya’s moods… Winter smells almost of mint — our Proserpine has gone underground leaving her garden for Myshkin to lose […]


Malnutrition: A Serious Issue

By Tripati Khura India is growing day by day financially, GDP rate is growing rapidly, yet still it is suffering in malnutrition. Because of malnutrition Infant Mortality Rate and Mother Mortality Rate has not been reduced. Apart from this in India most people go hungry due to not having appropriate […]


Happy New Year

Dear Reader, Contributor, Welcome to 2019, we’d like to extend our greetings, good wishes and gratitude to you. Let this occasion mark the beginning of another chapter of this wonderful journey, five years ago what started as a small effort to connect with people of diverse ideas has grown into […]