Month: September 2021



Recoiling the impact that was caused I understood the protests of the loins Emancipate from love and loyalty Surrender to desires and mirages One day lead to miracles One minute lead to disasters Shimmering attires perceived me About the sins and blessings Where do I start and then stop And […]



कुछ ठान लिया है मैंने आज ग़लतियों से हर पल सीखूंगी जो कई बार दोहरा चुकी हूं अब बात नहीं होने दूंगी. जो चाह ले ग़र इंसान तो क्या कुछ कर नहीं सकता धरती फ़िर क्या वह चांद के धरातल हो भी है छू सकता. संकल्प की शक्ति बहुत भली […]


Magic Is Never Lost

The magician moved his wand, Asked me what I want Ummm, I want – peace, Ah, now peace is not here It must have gone somewhere * Try finding it in your head Now don’t bloat and turn red, The Magi tried her luck too Said you broke your head […]


She Told Me

She told me to be humble and keep my life simple. Thus, I lead myself with humbleness and breath the freshness of simplicity. She told me to be kind and make others’ life comfortable. My religion is kindness With the priority to make them live comfortably. She told me to […]


Masked and Divided

She stood mute, her aureate eyes fixed on the screen Beldams and belles from the land flocked the tiny room   Courtesy of the Beau geste of the Order, looking to give back to the mortals away from the realm of expanding cultural evolution.   The screen acting as a […]


My Life Is Precious

My life is more precious than anything else. When I go to sleep, I see the moon knowing that I will wake up in the morning to see the rising sun. With eager eyes, I greet morning. I always love my life as it is like a flower. The life […]


Neruda or Nobody

You are like a sword, blue and green You undulate to the touch like a river You are Neftali Reyes, Neruda, the “Chilean Poet”! Rising to decomposed, lazy afternoons, you Leave me in the middle of my own moon Wounded ground are sturdier, but Cemeteries are no longer lonesome, the […]


Brief Meditation on the Fiction of Truth

by Mark Antony Rossi The act of writing short fiction is not a sunny stroll down nostalgia lane. It’s more akin to the creative modification of truth to make a dramatic point. Despite puritanical criticism, I am steadfast in my conviction that straying from the sequentiality of reality is not […]


An Imploration

I, an ordinary human being Implore to you, the Supreme Being To bless us with.. Some sensibility & empathy To be more tolerant than what we are Even though not always possible                    Yet To try to our utmost In spite of […]


With The Wind – A Ghazal

Flowers, leaves, that swing the air All signify the spring in the air   Breeze, the trees, the crickets and fleas Humming around, and dancing in the air   The towering hills disappear in mist as, Droplets, the waterfalls bring in the air   You, by chance, happened in my […]