Month: January 2022


I Believe

I believeThat my night would be spent searching for the words of your odes.Till you get the letter,New widowers will be in their half-sleep preparing their breakfast,New priests must be having trouble singing the hymns.And you’ll be waiting for coffee while reading The TimesOr if pigeons are lateThen you must […]


Which God?

People say God saves men. But who has seen God? Does he live in temples, gumbas, Masjids, churches or where? In what form and nature?   Are Ram, Buddha or Jesus gods? As is said God never dies! But all of them were born and died! And are not saving […]


Broken Promise

To his newlywed wife, he made a vow That he will be home within a year from now He climbed on a huge army truck and drove Waved his palm at me until out of sight he roved.   Many months passed without his message As she work, daily used […]


Success Motivates Goal

Success meant achieving one’s desires and goals in career, but one must have a realistic attitude and self-confidence. Attaining success is a matter of time for a person, but success motivates us to strive towards realistic goals. As patience helps us to keep a cool mind in time of crisis, so we […]


O My Mother

Would that, I Were a child again! Would that, you, Were my mother again! I would like your Lap again. I would like to Weep again. I would have your Hug again . Again you will Beat me. Again you will Eat me. With your hands, Full of love, And touch […]


RRB Fiasco and Future of Government Jobs

by the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal The protest in Bihar over result discrepancies of Railway Recruitment Board shows how the government has failed miserably on jobs promise. Without the government’s initiative, the potential to have a well-rounded growth in the economy will be wasted away. The whimsical, un-planned policy has either […]


Spring Smile

Let the spring smile,Fill the void with beautiful blossom and sweet fragrance,Keep nature at peace for a while.As the spring walk with its own style,Every heart laughs and wears a happy countenance.Let the spring smile.The beauties of spring go through a trial,All man must guard the nature in balance;Keep nature […]


Dark Tales of Winter

The drizzling Autumn leaves, Invites the Fall to supervise, The sweet chirps of canopies, Disappears in clouded skies. The days grow shorter and shorter, As time’s chariot moves ahead, Men should return home without halter, Or else their epitaph will be laid. In these dark days of shiver, If a […]


A Drug

Only if earth sinks, And birds fail to sing, Or moon melts never to rise again, I will stop sniffing poetry in pain. If oceans evaporate, And mountains fall, Only if nightingales fail to call, My name, I will, with poetry fall. In name of poetry, I sip wine regularly, […]


A Platonic Love

I know you are always mine, And so my heart ponders to dine, With your cheerfully and benign Because my love for you is divine. Do you remember the day we met? The charming eyes I can never forget. You were with your buddies and a booklet Staring at your […]