Month: February 2022


Kitabi Chai, A Paradise for Book Lovers

by Manisha Swain  It is said that “The path from dreams to success does exist, but one needs to have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.” It takes a lot of courage to pursue your dreams even when […]


Jacob’s Darkness

Cause everything bows to entropy, And to darkness, we all shall return. The sunshine within me’s extinguished. Lifeless cinders remain from the burn. In my quest to find the right answers, So like Jacob and his broken hip. Succour is a never-ending wound, Our relationship’s one of conflict.   Placation […]


Slavic Countryside

To know that the mist would Rise from the dampened dirt In the strange garden of The dead, weighed down By tilted crosses under The dimly darkened sky The dead willow sheds No more tears against Ancient stones   Her halo matches the mist A sad bold radiance over the […]


Self Victory

When the days are hard,It is important to guard our emotions and keep strong;It is tough to keep going when everything seems to be wrong,Especially when failure falls like a hailstorm on our part.The days and nights are nature’s mere art;The Sun and Moon perform the best-orchestrated song,Brightening the day […]


Poets Out of Service

Like a full-service gas station or postal service workers displaced, racing to Staples retail for employment against the rules of labor, poets are out of business nowadays, you know. Who carries a loose change in their pockets? Who tosses loose coins in their car ashtray anymore? iPhones, smartphones, life is […]


Your Plucky World

Straining made some sail from north to reach south, What if all they wanted was a treasure to be found in a Nutella bowl? Now that the ‘average’ has become the new definition of failure, Don’t know how many will serve under the deleterious!   Because perspectives look always sublime […]


Our Last Chat

It often crosses my mind the last time we talked at the gate of the drive of his parents’ house a few doors up from mine a brief casual chat about  the end of our schooldays and our hopes for college and our lives beyond. Eighteen! How callow  we were, […]


A Very Familiar Me

Every now and then you have days, bathed in sunlight, When the sky says, “it is a brand new day, Wake up from your sleep and check it.” Why do I love it so much! I can’t really say and somehow I can find myself again. A very familiar me. […]