The Wounded Silence

Leaves crushed under the feet 

Groan    in    crunching    voices

Branches      snap        and

Make    a     crackling     noise


The glass drops   and shatters

With   deafening     clatter

Anything torn apart whimpers, mummers,

Or screams, loud or soft, no matters


No sound comes 

When heart   breaks

After many trials and tests

And you go through

A whole gamut of emotional tempests


When, finally, coming out of the storm

You   are   never   in   the   same   form

Something transforms you definitely

Whether positively or negatively


A part of your being is lost

The one that hurts you most


The pain, a little less, you may feel

But, the wound does not heal


You wander around dazed,

With a damaged soul

Eternally waiting for Nirvana

To, again, become whole


~Dr. Sudha Dixit


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