Month: January 2019


The Blues Belong To The Worthy

By Mark Antony Rossi Ingratitude is the cancer of literary pursuit. You do your best to support all partakers of the craft only to find a number are not ready for prime time. They got more excuses than plot lines. They ramble off ungrateful nonsense on social media. They fall […]


Life in a Hospital

(An Observation) In the hospital people come and go A door opens a door closes Someone comes someone goes They are like the bubbling rushing ripples of a river Endless… it flows and flows There is that little boy… yelping… howling Cheek swollen… tears in the eyes Streaming down his […]



No trail left, the whisperings of Dandelion seeds, entangled in the murky bush of sorrow. Liberty on the gentle wings recedes, enveloping into the dark chasms of shadow. Crumbled in the grief of knightly days, They retrieve, an imperceptible glow. Oh! Come back dear dandelions, I know there is no […]



It was the darkest night for me Waiting for him in vain I let my tears flow unseen Anyway no one could see my pain Time has this strange attitude When we’re happy it flies fast But whenever we’re in despair It stands still and moves last Anguish fills the […]



In the folds of his wallet, He kept winding highways, A night that once refused to end, A Train unwilling to arrive, A river that forgot to bend And a pillow no longer receptive To  the nightly rituals of grief. This was the currency of a land Without Identity cards, […]


One Versus Far Too Many

The threat is imminent. And gluey. The constellation knits self into a web to topple the ‘Poll star’. The pattern is palpable, but the constellation bears no name. Or far too many. Who would call the shot? No one. Or far too many. Who would scream the loudest war cry? […]


Why we do not Question?

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal When we as a country were fighting for the independence, we were a different society, a society who in questioning the British rule was also looking for its own identity. Different people sought and adhered to different ideologies but the goal was common, freedom of […]


Inner Voice

Inner Voice is a voice Which expels when no choice. Tolerance is silent inside noise Which becomes dangerous crime’s base. Including burning heart cries Which ignites when blood dries. Tension reaches greater heights Which internally firmly bites. Rascal when kept inside cine Which hurts the mind, nothing fine. Work done […]