Father, in a fervent passion,
I had put vermilion on her parted hair,
two days before yesterday.
It felt silly later on,
to be honest,
I thought we would think of it a playful adventure
and go on as it were,
but yester evening, she told her parents;
raged a scene and packed her case.
So I ask you, quite afraid,
only this much-
could you, perhaps, arrange a ceremony
in a few days?
A little function on the rooftop will do.
I shall help put up the decor myself.
Around the fire, we will take our rounds,
our love is pure, it can then be said.
She is sweet, you will see,
indeed the only girl for me,
and, well, vermilion I have painted
her forehead, anyway.
~Kahini Biswas

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