Beware Indians, When ‘Tukade Tukade Gangs’ Join Hands!

by Chiranjibi Paudyal

Some opposition parties’ boycott of the parliament building inauguration, which is India’s pride, ancient glory and rich cultural heritage and values, is a boycott of the democratic system and its values. The vibrant hues of diversity dance in harmony, as the sacred rituals of havan and puja infuse the atmosphere with a spiritual essence, invoking blessings from the divine, while the presence of revered sages and saints, with their serene countenances, bless the gathering with their wisdom and grace. The parliament resonates with the symphony of democratic voices, as hopes, dreams, and aspirations find expression, empowering the nation to script a future of unity, progress, and inclusivity, where the echoes of debates and discussions reverberate, shaping the destiny of a nation built on thousands of years Sanatan principles of ‘Basudaiva Kutumvakam’ the whole world is home.

  What is the purpose of joining the hands of opposition parties against the Narendra Modi-led BJP government when India has reached a new height? The corrupt family parties see their existence in danger after the soaring popularity of Mr Modi within the country and across the globe. He is the most popular leader in the world at present.  The joining hands of the ‘Tukade Tukade Gang’ in India is a clear sign of their popularity sinking down as the Modi-led government has clearly raised the prestige of India to a glorious height.  In the realm of political intrigue, where shadows dance upon the stage of power, a coalition of opposition emerged, resolute in their quest to dethrone the BJP and Modi, who, like a soaring eagle, had raised India’s image internationally.

The economy, once languishing, blossomed under Mr Modi’s stewardship, like a garden in full bloom. Foreign lands, with awe-struck eyes, witnessed the nation’s ascent, as Modi’s vision painted a brilliant picture of progress and development. They safeguarded the cultural tapestry, those intricate threads woven with religious traditions. India’s heritage, a treasure trove of wisdom and diversity, stood tall under their watchful gaze. The melodies of devotion echoed through ancient temples, while the colours of celebration adorned streets alive with the spirit of unity.

But amidst this grandeur, shadows of apprehension loomed, cast by the family business company-like parties submerged in corruption. For generations, these families revealed in their ill-gotten gains, their power intertwined with deceit and malfeasance. The fears now gripped them, as the people began to see through the veil of deception, their eyes opened to the harsh reality. A coalition, once completely different like arch-rival, now united, rose like a phoenix from the ashes of disillusionment. Bound by a common purpose, to be free from the charges of corruption, mismanagement, underdevelopment and dancing to the tunes of the foreign power, they are united for the sake of their existence. They are aligning with ‘breaking India forces’ to defame the nation and its glorious ancient religious and cultural traditions.

The shameless and childish like parties are trying to defame India. They want to divide India, make it underdeveloped forever and dance to the tune of foreign power. They think to be in power is their birthright as their parents or grandparents were in power or they are able to deceive the nation. We saw scandals after scandals during their reign in  India including in Uttar Pradesh and now in New Delhi to name some.  And so, the stage was set, where the coalition of opposition faced the towering edifice that was Modi and the BJP. A clash of ideologies, a clash of visions. In this struggle for the soul of the nation, the true essence of democracy would be tested. In the end, only time would reveal the fate that awaited, whether the coalition’s endeavours would bear fruit or wither away as whispers lost in the wind. Yet, one thing was certain—India, adorned with its resplendent glory, would continue to evolve, driven by the collective will of its people, seeking a future bathed in truth, progress, and righteousness under the BJP.

Amidst this scenario of India’s diverse lands, a shadowy alliance emerged, known as the “Tukde Tukde Gang,” whispered to be the forces seeking to break India, unravel its cultural fabric, and join hands with foreign powers. Their aim: to unseat Modi, a leader described as a formidable force by even the Australian Prime Minister during his recent visit to that country.  In the corridors of power, where the symphony of ideologies clashed, this enigmatic coalition emerged from the depths of dissent. With divisive tongues and hidden agendas, they conspired to erode the very essence of India’s rich heritage. Their ties to foreign lands, a dance with potential peril, raised eyebrows and fears of a puppeteer’s influence.

The threads of culture, woven across centuries, now faced a threat that gnawed at the roots of tradition. The harmonious blend of languages, rituals, and customs, celebrated in every corner of the nation, are trying to damage and destroy. What once stood as a mosaic of unity now they are trying to make feel the tremors of disintegration. This is the time to see how the politics move ahead. But people will understand the motive of Tukade Gang’s existential threat as they became irrelevant with the awareness of people.

How low can these gangs go down? They want to change the law and make it easy to convert, they oppose the film based on real facts where thousands of your girls are converted and fighting in Syria. This is their waves of shame politics. This is senseless politics. This will be cursed in the annals of Indian history.  As whispers echoed through hushed conversations, the people watched, their hearts burdened with concern. How could those who called this land their own align themselves with forces that sought to undermine its sovereignty? A dissonance reverberated, a painful disconnection from the pulse of their own heritage.

But amidst the chaos, like a beacon in the storm, stood Modi, a leader who ignited admiration across the globe taking the fame of India to a new height. The Australian Prime Minister, across the seas, recognized his strength, labelling him the “boss.” Undeterred, he took the helm, leading with a conviction that resonated with many. From the arch-rival USA and Russia to the Muslim nations of the Arab world hail Modi as a messiah of peace, harmony, friendship and love, who is determined to develop his nation and improve relations with friendly nations.

About the Author:

Chiranjibi Paudyal was a journalist by profession. He has worked in Nepal’s news agency (RSS, Rastriya Samachar Samiti) as Chief reporter and editor. He also contributed to the UNI as a Nepal correspondent from Kathmandu, worked from London for some years, and worked as a part-time correspondent for the Associated Press. He also worked as a communications Specialist at the UNDP project in Kathmandu. He has an MA degree in English ( Nepal) and an MA in International Journalism ( London). Currently, he is a teacher at a comprehensive school in Reading and contributes articles to different media outlets. 

His voice reverberated across the nation, championing progress, development, and a resurgence of national pride. In his vision, India found solace, a hope for a brighter future. He stood tall, unwavering, facing the tempestuous winds of opposition, his resolve fortified by the support of countless citizens who believed in his transformative potential. Yet, the battle raged on, between those who sought to divide and those who clung to the promise of unity. The fate of India’s cultural tapestry hung precariously in the balance, as the Tukde Tukde Gang and their foreign allies strategized to seize power.

But India, resilient like the ancient mountains, had weathered many storms. Its people, united by the thread of shared heritage, will not be easily swayed. They recognized the value of their culture, their traditions, and their identity. They stood as a formidable force, ready to protect and preserve what they held dear. In this struggle for the soul of a nation, the outcome is clear.  The breaking Indian forces will assimilate in the ashes from their own deeds of corruption and their own sins.  The forces of division and unity clashed each vying for dominance. The path ahead would test the resilience of India’s cultural fabric, as it stood at the crossroads of history, balancing on the delicate precipice of change. Only time would tell if the Tukde Tukde Gang and their foreign alliances would succeed in their ambitions or if the spirit of India, buoyed by its resilient people, would prevail.

In the shadows of the struggle for power,  the corrupt family party leaders, woven in deceit’s graces, against the spirit and interests of a nation will fade, as whispers lost in the wind, while Modi’s BJP soars, unfurls its wings and India will emerge as a symbol of greatness in glory ascends.


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  2. The reality of India and Indians!
    India is going up so tukade gang join to defame India.
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