Month: September 2020


Data and Privacy in Indian Context

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal The other day when a TV anchor read private messages of an actor in an investigation related to the drugs angle in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, it made me wonder like a lot of other shocked folks that you can read someone’s private […]



We crave for power, land and for food Desire flaring as a wildfire is not so good To build the roads forest are mowed We want roads to be fancy and broad   No minds are genuine, no heart has love People are selfish throughout the globe I fear the […]


Even When I Fail

Even when I fail I’ll stand and take learnings from the past Because I want to succeed I’ll make some right move. Even when I fail I won’t feel regret Or even bitterness I will remain hopeful. Even when I fail I’ll never quit nor stop Because quitters never win […]


Love in Multitask

In the midst of unforetold journey When everything is in state of panicky You came into my life honey And made it taste like winey.   Once upon a time in my lowlife Everything I behold is full of strife It changes in a glance and made it rife Your […]


An Unfinished Dream

As the rain clouds moved apart Mother birds flew in search of food But one mother wept in the skies She had left her dears alone.   Strenuous as the job was She had fought all her life Looked after them with care Forgetting herself was her greatest sin.   […]


Colourless Life

One afternoon when I was three years old. The pleasant winds of my life turned the other way. We were five siblings, all under the age of twelve. When my mother’s feet slipped, Fell into a ravine. This would lead to a spinal fracture.  She died after six months in […]



The lonely, pebbled, scrapped up road Once lined up with hushed green trees  Now stripped and naked Of their sheltering, crowning glory  Slashed and sliced crudely Deprived sinfully of their reigning grandeur Silently weep Relentlessly casting their silent tears Upon the ground beneath As the earth hungrily sucks them up […]


I Want to be Healed

I want to be healed Healed from within   The wounds may not be visible But are deep in the heart   I want to be calm But unable to do so   The storm from within Comes live with the chance   How to stop, whom to tell I […]


The Lost Vision

The starlit sky is now quite aloof the moon too is nowhere to be seen. Ah! My dad entraped my fears and regrets “O! The sky is so cloudy, the moon has hid somewhere the stars too are scared to come out lest it may rain lest it may saturate […]


A Sleepy Village

My earliest memories are of a sleepy village called ‘Karma Bhumee,’ where I used to toil tirelessly under the amber glow of a kerosene lamp. This sleepy village to me is just a village where nothing much usually happens. There are no riots, no night clubs, and the village sleeps […]