Month: July 2019


Always For Soulful Earth Only III

Ah, my faithful Queen, Soothing panacea of my Life, It is always ‘Now’, To feast our own ripen dreams, Which we sowed, Not in delusional fields of the Fiction, But, in our Eternalness, In our own rich drizzling-dreams ! The world of ego, illusion and confusion, Are ending for us […]


Fallen Angel

I am an ambitious person On highest goal is my eye I want to fly and soar high I want to reach the sky You came into my world And put me on cloud nine It was  a  serendipity You said that you are mine But then you turned away […]


What Makes a Bad Poetry

What makes a bad poetry My body is a typewriter Scribbling words on it without punctuations So that the world can read it anyways it likes You see a full stop ends the sentence a way too early And I am a continuous line without a double quote to emphasize […]



His wife had died — suicide an only son had OD’d in his late teens — heroin.   If he’d foreseen — all this he’d have chosen not to have been — born.   Infirm and forlorn — cancer without a friend he waits for — the end.     […]



Gloomy skies; clouds tearing up in the horizon Waves have stopped kissing the seashore Chirping crickets half-way reaching their crescendo  while seagulls stopped mobbing the predators Butterflies and their broken wings— Hostile wind brings only sting Castle in the air slowly fading in view… Disconsolate soul breaks lose as agony […]


India Calling

A land known for Amalgamation of diverse cultures Where religions are based On the concept of “Dharma” and “Karma” Where Cow is worshiped as “Mother” Goddess A land renowned for its revered sages And their practices In obscure Himalayan caves. A cradle of spiritualism Where values are preferred to materialism! A […]


Is There a Happy Medium Anymore?

By Mark Antony Rossi Extremes attract attention. The reasonable are labeled boring; yes, even cowardly by those who substitute reckless stupidity for action. We are stuck in the winter of political polarization. The word compromise is dragged through the mud of malice like a child killer. But what exactly is […]