Month: May 2015


The Charge

Yes  Me’lord It’s  murder Please  do  not  dismiss My  plea,  without  hearing Me  further He  came  with Intent  and  design Made  me Relent  and  resign From  my  stiff  stand And  listen  to  his  serenade He  said  his  love Was  far  above The  mundane He  promised  bliss, Never the  pain It  was  […]


Heat Wave and The Indian Cities

By Ranjit K. Sahu There has been an unprecedented wave of heat across the globe starting from the western hemisphere to the east, affecting the countries that can be categorized as developed with modern amenities to poorer countries with burgeoning populations. While considerable debate still goes on over the reality […]



Dreamt there stood an angel bright Outside my room, the other night He looked so sorrowful, so meek, so calm I wondered what was really wrong I spoke to him in a comforting voice It made him start and heave a sigh “You mortals are surely very unkind To use […]


A Plea To Life

       Life, O you gracious lady,         Why have you forsaken us      In a world as empty as     We, the living dead?     Parched land we have become         With all ties of love and humanism lost-     […]


Knotty Heads

Knots, and knots and knots There are knots every where Life is not a bed of roses Thorns crown it everywhere The humming bees sing a tune And glue themselves everywhere The ears are wild sometimes mild When the singing sirens raise the air: Life is shelved like a honeycomb […]



कोख़-ए-ज़मीं से यूं बा-तरतीब जब एक ज़लज़ला चले सतह पे सर चलें कहीं, कहीं गला चले माना है रसूख़ दुनिया में ख़ूब तेरा ओ आदमी, मगर जो पल भर को भी  उसकी चले तो फिर किसकी भला चले ज़िंदा हूँ मैं के फ़ज़्ल है ओ नक्शगर-ए-हादसात कौन जाने हो कब […]


India and China: Neighbors and Choices

By The Editor Neighbors, more often than not are envious of each other, their progress each others’ eyesore. This goes same for people and nations alike. India and China have a historical chance to bolster their relationship. Despite our historical and ideological differences world has placed its hopes in our […]