Quest for Peace

Human existence needs cooperation, not confrontation in stable bilateral relations

Unlock and evolve novel confidence-building measures to ease mounting tensions

Morality stronger than money to curb senseless war that changes the world map

Mindful movements to global connectivity as destruction not a feather in the cap


Protecting the rights of all people is the best way to break the cycle of violence

Promote public service insulated from coercion, corruption, or political interference

Evolve second thoughts on unique representative paths to resolve territorial disputes

Make people think of professional growth even in their sleep to bear delicious fruits


Knowledge dissemination beyond stereotype formula to create new levels of awareness

Channelize energy to keep creative juices flowing and enhance operational performance

Skillsets allow youngsters to grow up with excitement and enormous space for learning

Make mature observations of the sins of omission and commission while actively serving


‘Hard drug’ consumption results in widespread addiction in the lives of many individuals

Overcome the temptation to consume dangerous drugs as it adds to mental health troubles

The reality behind realism is to exercise caution with every byte of the narcotic mixture fed

Before the social crisis, once click for online counseling for therapeutic medicine prescribed


Make quality education enter every inch of India to experience the good sight and sounds

Keep doing your best bit each day as a part of a self-serving exercise and public bounds

Public consciousness of society influenced by non-stop primetime non-sense is a sad tale

Have the high hope and overcome the hurdles of meddling with the environment laid bare


A nice journey towards great civilizational values and liberal globalized commodity culture

Ambition, determination, and interest in the best for India offer the hope for a better future

Respond to multiple crises for world peace and keep working for the greater human good

Think before you ink foreign policy and act accordingly to make a good neighborhood

A small change in the angle can make a big difference to our fantasy development dreams

Continue specific business activities to run the engine of the economy on multiple streams

Integrated development is possible through deep involvement in technology peculiarity

Subject government policies to higher levels of scrutiny and expectations of transparency


Ease the process of building networks and coalitions of nations with a world vision

Overcome threats to the security of humans through conflict resolution mechanism

Discover the different unknown layers of life and influence others like a timepiece

Our capacity for forgiveness leaves us with the possibility of multiple paths to peace



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