Month: May 2023


Not So Close Encounter with Death

Two thousand twenty passed away As eerily menacing phase, Confined us inside home, No work-place, no holidays.                                   Similar to walking on coals, That are, still, half ablaze Like the solitary prisoners All people […]


Environmental Emergency

It is the love at first wild forest sight for almost all inspired by the nature poetry Nurture a sense of pride, patriotism, respecting the environment in the family tree Activate a brave face as we move against gravity, standing up for a good coach Fight without fear through progressive […]


It’s Not Your Fault

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, it’s not always your fault.When you’re on your path but you feel disheartened and low, it’s not always your fault.When you sometimes feel dissatisfied and unhappy with yourselves, you might need to take a little break.But when that break gets longer, and […]


Verses of Yore

The moonlight shines over the slope of a distant mountain, Where once stood the gorgeous castle, Now, ruins cry to reveal the past. Dark clouds accumulate over the horizon, the wind sighs Lamentation wails behind the zenana; Colossal bastion veils the Truth which ruined it down It fears none save […]


A poem, Am I?

A poem, I am I reside in thy thoughts A culminated art, I am Born from the very chaos of thy mind An electric form, I am With emotions dying to be inked A silent scream, I am Echoing within the ramparts of thy castle A question, I am With […]


तेरी हँसी चोरनी सी….

तेरी तो यादें ही मिश्री सी रूह तक में मिठास घोल जाती है, तेरी हँसी चोरनी सी, दिल मेरा लूट लिए जाती है। तेरा होना, मेरी जिंदगी को जिंदगी देता, धड़कने भी तेरे लिए  बावरी हुई जाती है। तेरी नज़रे जो भर लेती मेरी आंखों को पलकों में, दोनो मिल […]


I Want You to Read Me

But, if my rhymings hit your blissful eye, must I thank you or apologize?                                                         ~Caleb Delos-Santos USA


A Polluted Swing

Her mermaid’s hair floating all up in the air Her tiny legs drawing unparalleled brown eggs Her strong hands clutching the parallel bands Her yellow t-shirt covered in footpath dirt Her black pants sandy as deserted cactus plants Her happy teeth wrapping up all the dearth that is beneath, Stimulating […]



by Kunal Roy A couple of days ago, I witnessed a pretty interesting event on the bus. I was simply returning from college after the day’s end. After a while, a couple of hijras entered the bus. The traditional claps to prove their identity and the ways and means adopted […]