Month: August 2019



Time sits still in the tip of these cedar trees as they pierce the balming silence of these cerulean skies unwaved and unweathered as a testimony to the constant swing by the northern winds here they stand witness to the passers-by passing on the great wisdom saved and savored for […]



It is quite a torrid atmosphere slowly cars filled the road and as the journey continues, distractions were observed like potholes and rocky roads, some with detour and dead ends. At times travelers were in a hurry reckless and overspeeding were done but all journey aims to reach a destination. […]



Mine is the way say hypnagogic eyes seeming to flicker in then out of reality calling from within and without the grave poisoning the world with her necrotic gaze.                                           […]


Slipped Grip

I stand here amongst these multitude A speck within this forest of dark hairs Worn over this map of scalp… An ovation of compliments at your arrival Rhythms and melodies Flashes of light Across this horizon… For barely a while now… These grasses sprout Germinating rapidly To kiss your cheeks […]



There is no passion no joy no soft music in the night. It has all gone I have no idea where it went perhaps it was never there all an illusion a trick. The air tastes of ash and I thought I had a Wordsworth poem right where they had […]


The Sea

Death and birth Of waves are not songs. The lamenting Sea Doesn’t know the songs Of overflowing silence. Sea jumps to PrometheanSunheight To kiss ‘I’, TheGodSunLight, Promethean RebelLion, And my ‘I’ncarnations ! The yellow sea falls deep down Between time and distance. ‘I’ set beyond sweet mounts of my Earth. […]


Urmila the Ungrateful Bride

By Shobha Diwakar She was a lonesome character. Although surrounded with comfort and all luxuries Urmila was a woman who was probably tired of the world and of course, her own self. You see the world is planted with people who find happiness where there is none while there are […]


The Forbidden Dance

Whenever we dance together I get an unknown thrill You give me a sensuous warmth Dispelling my frozen chill I’m learning to savour life I dance, today, my swan song You are my partner in crime Though we haven’t done any wrong Our hopes and dreams today Be joy and […]


Me No More

I am me no more for I have transformed, I yearn no more for the mundane, I may have reformed, Emotions and attachments seem somewhat weird, Guess these are by-products when you’re tired! Tired of hypocrites, fallacies, and double standard, Of everything that reeks of lies from people who’ve faltered, […]