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Ants on Grains

If you see them dressed on bathrobe Their eyes are full of orgy, Orgy after orgy, a warm, snug toilet. They owned their parodies to bikinis of deceit On the scaffolds of their campaigning.                                 […]



What others love, I fear, Addictive drips of fun, Acidic pens and beer, Lung Cancer’s smoking gun.                                                                    […]


God’s Creation

We can see God’s creation is beautiful in each and everything if we look around When we look to the sky we can see sun, moon, stars that are precious in our life God made everything for us including wild animals, birds, and fish in the sea, God makes the […]


The Garage

The desire of the trees to drink the rainis part of a design beyond our kenthat can put out fires if it falls just then…strange that air can become a hurricaneand tear branches off, pierce a windowpaneand mere lightning cleaves a trunk wide open:a closed yet vibrant fate and originfathomless, […]


The Oppressor

State-sponsored terror Or be it jailing me forever, There’s always you, oppressor, lying oppressor.                                                          You have your army, Your shenanigans, they hide […]


Just a Question

Can voice be all? When the heart wants to see you. In lands of beautiful mountains, Amidst waves that gently kiss, Painted in the best of colours, In the vast canvas of my imagination, Can you come out And run to me Tearing all boundaries, Leaving behind all that was… […]


Beautiful Weather

Beautiful roses blooming in the garden Sunshine in silky petals Sweet butterflies fluttering over Blissful is the weather.                                    Yellow honey bee flying around Making cheerful buzzing sound Kissing the golden marigolds Wonderful to […]



Burning up and down Like the highest peak can’t be touched down My dolce et petition My sweetest devotion Cracked open I made my religion break open Through cracks and bones Amongst midnights and alleyed bones Little fragile heart at my doorstep Visiting my underworld stairway My heavenly coldness Crowns […]


The Man With the Limp

by Pratik Mainali The man’s uneven step echoed off the buildings like a metronome keeping time as he went along the dark, desolate street. He was a tall, slender man with eyes that glowed like stars at night. As he reached the alley, he heard a faint sound like to […]