Month: July 2017



When  I  fell  in  love  with  you Unintended   as  in  fables I  was  on  the  cloud  nine Experiencing  pure  miracles Love  has  magic  which  wears off After  all, dreams  are  but  dreams So  much  joy  we  accumulate, but They  do not  come  true, it  seems I  have  no  more  predilection […]


Mahakavi Bharathiyar on “Lies or Truth”

By N.V. Subbaraman from Chennai Mahakavi Bharathiyar, great  patriot and national Poet  with his sterling songs in Tamil, roused the peoples conscience towards, Motherland, its freedom, Mother Tongue, its greatness,  Woman’s lib, its need and sanctity, social evils, need to eradicate and so on during the short span of 39 […]


It’s Time To Listen To More Than We Know

It’s time to listen to more than we know to understand more of what’s goin’ on behind the veil of ignorance and storms of useless ambitions that only do harm. I stretch my hands towards the ever more. I follow the road into the morn. It’s time to listen to […]


The ‘Real’ Real

By Monica Bakre “Nothing went right …not a thing…”, yelled Vinita in a terribly foul mood. She was pacing back and forth on the heavy Persian carpet in her living room, having sent her children, five-year-old Anjan and two-year-old Antara to the playground downstairs in the building complex with the […]


Fighting Words

By Mark Antony Rossi When a writer challenges the established order his words are fighting words. And fighting words are often the difference between your integrity and their conformity. But I’ve found the fight these days is more about being famous than building a creative folio. I meet too many […]


The Chanakya Niti of “Nitish Kumar”

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Nitish Kumar aptly fits the term “The cunning fox”, its relevant not only because of his cunningness but also because a fox has many entrances to its hole and Nitish Kumar surely knows his way to the power. Kumar is also smart in the way […]


The Wedding Reception

By Shobha Diwakar It gurgled, it throttled, it thundered, it howled, it growled it hounded. My heart missed a beat at the sudden change of mood in the system. The clouds were shrilly barking their lungs out. Now what? I murmured to myself. There was a cool reception that evening, […]


Pacific Daydream

Lofty Willows growing at the edge of the pond water buffalo graze among the fields of rice. Catbird’s cry in a breeze by grand banyan trees winds sway the grasses like long ocean waves. Pheasant quickly dash to thickets for safer cover alone in the fields, I sit and watch […]