Month: August 2022


Indirect Kiss

In the most unexpected time In an expected place I found what was lost long ago. The moment you walked into my life You overwhelmed My soul, My heart, And my destiny With a love That cured All of my fears So, I didn’t have words Held your hand tight […]


Did Draupadi Love Karna?

by Kunal Roy  Draupadi, the dark beauty, and Karna, one of the famed warriors of the timeless epic Mahabharata have always been the focal point of the readers’ attention and with the passage of time their curiosity has mounted, which often makes them ask an eternal question: ” Did Draupadi […]


I Love-

by Ruchika Aggarwal Your own motivations can be a complete mystery to you. Actually, they can be complete lies, which you don’t realise until the truth surfaces. What I thought about Aarush as “he is weird” actually translated into “I like him”. The truth was baffling but my feelings had […]



I can do anything my love though cannot do everything I can fly away from you Though you have clipped my wings                                                  You do not know […]


My Daily Prayer

Where sacrifice is the New Fusion Where inner silence produces all outward movements Where all fragments of the World are felt like our own bodily cells Where mass self destroys for gaining energy Where living in Flow is all that matters Where all of the intellect is discarded for just […]


Rhapsodic Rhetoric

Tranquility in their luminosity,  Ecstatic staring and finding Peace in adorability;  Haunted by the gleams of shades, Drenched with the confetti of serenades; Humongous shinning blaze, Nevertheless, Euphoric stunning haze; Gotta know it was far away from home, Oh, my pounding lil heart saying, stay-at-home. ~Merry Femina Madurai, India



If you were a Night,I would be the Moon.Darker you grow,Brighter will I become.                                                                  Together, we will bestow happiness;To […]


Marriage Decisions and Discussions

by Gaurav Ojha After romantic dates, love affairs, and being in a loving relationship, a question starts to run over the mind of the unmarried ‘To marry or not to marry’, this indeed becomes a pertinent question. It is still a mystery how and why humans make marriage decisions. We […]


मुझे ही इल्ज़ाम दिया है….

आज क्यूं हिचकियों ने बवाल किया है, लगता है तूने मुझे फिर से याद किया है…. तेरी मेरी तो अब यारी भी ना रही, तो फिर क्यूं मेरे दिल ने तेरा नाम लिया है… चलते है तो रास्ते, खुद-ब-खुद मुड़ जाते तेरी और, तेरे नज़रों की कशिश ने, मेरी बंदिशों […]