Month: March 2023


ये “मैं” हूं…

मुस्कान बेवजह तेरे होठों पे चली आए, तो समझ लेना कि ये मैं हूं, गुलाल उड़ उड़ के तेरे गालों पे बिखर जाए तो समझ लेना कि ये मैं हूं…. तल्खियों भरी शाम में, लब तेरे अचानक , कोई प्रेम तराना गुनगुनाए, तो समझ लेना कि ये मैं हूं…. यादें […]


Lines Toward Kan Chonjonggha

The road runs zig zag like a serpent through the abysmal depths of African Jungle! The trees have grown draped with the thick swathes of snow! The frozen lake, the mountain men, the mountain goats!                             The […]


A Trip Towards Innovations in Engineering Materials

by B.H.S. Thimmappa The Pathways in a New Era of Modern Materials   Materials have transformed every aspect of modern living. Engineering materials are used in the construction of artificial structures and components depending on their physical (conductivity, density, melting point, specific heat, thermal expansion, viscosity), chemical (corrosion, flammability, toxicity, stability, reactivity), […]


One Size Does Not Fit All

by Gaurav Goswami The soothing fragrance of the wet soil, caused by the overnight rain waffling through the open corridor, greeted Alankar, a forty-year-old man, on his arrival from the bedroom. The pleasant weather brought a serene smile to his face, but one look at the overflowing lush wheat fields […]


Just When a Bird Begins to Sing

It’s mostly sunny outside, And the animals got nothing to hide. When there’s a sprinklr of spring, That’s when a bird learns to sing.                                                     […]


Science – Approach in Swami Vivekananda Jnana Yoga

by Sai Prashanthi Neelda Science is the study of our surroundings, especially matter around us with specialized equipment. We experiment and analyze the results and discover new things in nature. This is one part of science. There is another type of science in which the findings are discovered through intuition. […]


On Chandrashekhar Azad

by Neha Mudali The most significant investment that you can make in your people is your time. This is to commemorate the life of the late activist and revolutionary freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad and to stimulate a sense of unity and patriotism among the young generation of the country. […]


Confession or Illusion

On that day words were very few to speak Feelings were but your heart was walking on another street Questions were Just left in the mind And he adieu me by saying I am kind. How can I be so fine? When I think about you day and night. Your […]