Month: March 2023


Positivity Is the Key

by Sidhartha Mishra  Positivity is a state of mind that is characterized by an optimistic and hopeful attitude toward life. It is the ability to find joy, happiness, and optimism even in the face of difficult situations. Positivity can be a powerful force that can help individuals overcome obstacles, achieve […]


A Wish: Flowers in My Dark Room

This flowering mustard field, these smiling flowers, Pale in colour, shining like a melting gold, Rising the elegance of this splendours  fragrant  garden, These miles and miles of even land This ebbing of crops, Rising and falling with each fresh eddy, with  just a gust of wild wind, Some straying […]


I See You

I see you behind  rainbows I walk, I run, I fly I scale the Whole  sky But, in vain I chase The shadows I have blisters On my feet In this Never-ending Desert San cool breeze Where have I come Searching Verdant meadows Yet I know that I will find you, Since […]


The Saxena Household

by Manya Saxena This is a story about a family, a Ghazal and a realization. Sunday morning brings the age-old Saxena household convention. The sweet sound of Jagjit Singh ricochets our heart’s desire. There’s something called peace and then there’s association. Sunday morning in the Saxena household brings one close […]



Today, The whole day, I amused with full of ecstasy. And not only alone, But another friend Who is nothing, But like a ‘ Saryu River.’ That never give harm But provide enormous pleasure. Saryu! You are my friend. But not my soulmate, Yes, you are, too, my soulmate. But […]



We think we have become powerless But we are unaware of our own cowardice Truth is, we had always been inconsequential 8 billion of us, yet only a handful of influential                                       […]


The Dawn Has Come

Today I desire to tell all of you, That I have lost her forever, My love couldn’t keep her, Everything was still and calm, The graves are full of bones, That do not make any sound, And I lost my soul into oblivion.               […]



On roads less traveled, A new journey begins. With each step, A new chapter to spin. The world awaits, A canvas to paint, Its beauty. If life treats you bad, Don’t be lonely and sad. Spread your smile And make others happy. Because an adventure awaits, A story untold. Every […]