Month: December 2016


आओ नूतन नव वर्ष मना लें

आओ   नूतन  वर्ष    मना   लें गृह  विहीन , वन  वन  प्रवास  का  तप्त  आँसुओं ,  तप्त   श्वास  का एक   और   युग   बीत   चुका   है आओ   इस   पर   हर्ष   मना    लें आओ   नूतन    वर्ष    मना    लें उठो   गिरा    दें   आशाओं    को दबी   छिपी   अभिलाषाओं   को आओ   निर्ममता    से   उर   में यह   […]


Fire Of The Morning Star

Come nearer all ye lovers and listen to my song ‘bout the fire of the morning star. The curtains of the night are no longer on our hearts, we will make it through every war, hm-m, with the morning fire, the fire of the morning star. The battle it is […]


Anti – Fatalism

Angelic in you grace, The wings take flight; Blackened by the dirt, That soils your life; Shed the darkness and reclaim your crown, You’ll never be the same with the shadows that you’ve sown; They’ll make you feel like you’re always alone, But even you know that nothing is set […]


Sonnet 55

Crazed creatures of dark delights Have chased our dove to a distant land Where they choke songs By the strings of fear In the forest of their delusion. On their sand They write macabre laws Whose spectre stalks here. Its teeth have mangled The sparrow of my calm. Let us pass […]


Another Year Ends

Crackers burst around Burying the year that has gone Hailing the arrival of the new  Absolving vicissitudes of the past A year dies another resurrects Ringing in joys and hopes for a better tomorrow Promises made unmade Broken and kept Ride you through the densely complicated journey That begins and […]


Letter To Prime Minister

You have promised That by by fifty days Normalcy In wake of demonetisation But now money does not matter As only those pick heads Are desperately trying to Prove innocence And ATM machines Have struck work Poor in villages Have no work no money Are given tutorials to understand Meaning […]


Our Message on New Year

Dear Friends, From Indian Periodical team, I’d like to wish you a  very happy new year, may 2017 be a year of happiness and success for you and your loved ones. Without you we couldn’t have come this far. Our gratitude goes out to those writers, poets, cartoonists and photographers […]