Month: March 2020


It’s the End of the End

When you can touch the end No time to hold, No time to amend, Into the void you stare, With a heart senile Too old, too broken to mend. Is it really the end though? The emptiness swallowing A siphon deep deep below. Or could it be A beginning so. […]


Covid19 and the Youth: A Love-Hate Story

By Saranya Subramanian “Feels weirdly refreshing for the world to have a pandemic” “IKR! Because it’s such a non-polarising problem” That was a conversation I had two days ago with a close friend. By the texting lingo and content itself, you can guess we’re in our early twenties, invested in […]


At Random

Life now confined to home periphery Any movement beyond prohibitory, The world-its idea in universality No more than a conceptual travesty: Our existence interned within cage Fell apart each bit of pride and rage A pandemic harvesting total disaster Desperate time asks desperate measure, Distress to humanity only closing in […]


Let the Soul Speak

By Subham Talukder Dedicated to Miss Asli Eti My father, always wanted me to be an Englishman. People who knew him used to say he often praised his fortune because our Bengali surname ‘Paul’ sounded like of foreigners. After I was born, he was on a mission to remove the […]


Paving the Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

By Lahari Kandamuru Work from home!! Online classes, presentations and assignment submissions!! Because of COVID-19, most schools, colleges and companies are on lockdown. Many of them resolved to do their duties from the comfort of their home. The first reaction for the majority of people, when told to work from […]



The need of the hour is to rise above a crisis, And stop spreading all negativity which is eventually going to become infectious. With lockdowns, quarantines and curfews all around, The place looks nothing less than a cemetery with silence all around. With swans and dolphins returning to the waters […]


Covid 19, Go Away!

Its trajectory, tough to disappear The epicenter began in large town Such impact felt in all parts of the sphere To regulate crowds, a total shut down In homes, people suffer a nervous breakdown Some thousands the killer virus has slain How much longer will it remain to reign? Recession […]


The Tragedy Playing Out On Our Streets

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal You might have seen it on TV or if you live in Delhi NCR region you might have saw it on streets, the mass exodus of laborers trying desperately to reach their native places, carrying their children and meager belongings on shoulders, walking miles on […]


Memories of Life

Leaving school and entering college was a stepping stone in my life I used to step out of college premises and go to college canteen College life was a golden period, with sweet memories, that make me smile I often feel emotional when I recall those golden days I overcome […]


Goodbye Forever

I walk past the next door neighbour in the park but she doesn’t really want to talk nobody does anymore. I get a bit closer to her and ask how she is doing. She looks very worried as she pushes her young son into the sky on the swing. We […]