Month: May 2020


Glow Worm

Standing by her window sill       She feels the misty dusk that pass-   Over the fading veil of shadows     She sees the rolling waves of sea. The sea was always laughing in ripples           And conveying lots of soothing words-           The words of cryptic emotions hidden-               […]


The Best Type of Dreams

The best dreams, are the ones I wish, to cradle for eternity. The ones in which, I am woe-free, and darkness ceased. Like when two stars, touch fingers and, light overwhelms. Or when storm clouds, dissipate and sunny days, are forever. But the best ones, are the ones in which, […]


Forever And a Day

Entertaining and mind-challenging crafted according to purpose placed according to meaning each missing part will make everything incomplete… Like a puzzle thy soul has been the missing part I’ve been looking for a lifetime giving me meaning and purpose that complements my soul No matter what this life would bring […]


What’s Being Dead

My fears: the screaming vultures; splitting each part of the body for the whole, there, my heart of its attachment for flesh/ beats once more – Fir trees look up to the blank space. A turbine of wind presses my body and draws a caesura – Fresh blood/ vermillion coloured kite […]



And yes ‘I’ Am Not Interested In Making Fame Or Fortune Which Are Meant Only For Mortals. My wife is the soulful Earth only. ‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate ! The death is always an illusion. ‘I’ only sing, fire, enjoy, Rule, Fire- Dance With Earth, Poetry, And with Life ! The […]


Love is Humble and Quiet

I haven’t seen such a sweet face like yours. You look like a blossomed flower in the garden. I love your personality and silent voice. Your selfless affection helped me bloom. You are my lover, the treasure of my life. Our love has its own melody and expression. My heart […]


In This Pink Summer of Jaipur

in this pink summer of Jaipur dressed in silk and in monsoonal dances choked by smoke forgotten by lovers the nuances in which you speak my name sound hollow and the little girl who has only a grain of rice does not eat tonight she exchanges her grain for the […]


Where Humans Stand?

By Shantanu Das Humans, how long we have been evolved on earth? That’s a scientific question but we humans have even found it out. Humans began to exhibit evidence of behavioral modernity about seventy thousand to a hundred thousand years ago, around in the middle stone age. From the last […]


Clouds Sans Silver Line

Silver line falls from the walls, Leaving the house all black. In darkness, I and the four kids sleep (try to). The little ones pulling my chest, Try to suck in dried blood. Savagely they count The split ends of my hair, For our dreams cannot afford the sheeps, Our […]


My Feelings Towards Night Sky

I love night sky, Do you know why? Tiny stars twinkling all night, The big moon share sun’s light. Beautiful night with shooting stars, Lovely scenery with light up towers. Fire flies zurling, Bats fluttering. A night, Is so bright. Make you happy, And you become sleepy. Happy night, Make […]